Transmembrane protein series one: Aquaporin

Transmembrane protein plays an important role in basic physiological processes, including molecule transport, signal transduction, energy utilization, etc.

Almost 30% genes in genomic sequence encode transmembrane proteins, of which 50% are targets for currently known drugs. However, expression and purification of transmembrane protein is very difficult. CUSABIO has established a special transmembrane protein expression system. We could produce 36000+ transmembrane proteins and could also provide marker proteins at mg level for NMR and X-ray studies.

Aquaporin is a protein located on the cell membrane (internal membrane protein) that forms "channels" in the cell membrane that control the flow of water in and out of cells.

Water molecules form a single column when passing through aquaporin and enter into a narrowly curved channel. The internal dipole force and polarity help the water molecules to rotate and cross the narrow channel at the proper angle. Aquaporin's configuration is therefore the only factor capable of allowing water molecule to pass through.

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Aquaporin related transmembrane proteins for your research

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Aquaporin related antibodies for your research

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