Mouse IgG Fc fragment

Code CSB-NP005801m
Product Type Native Protein
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Relevance The fragment crystallizable region (Fc region) is the tail region of an antibody that interacts with cell surface receptors called Fc receptors and some proteins of the complement system. This property allows antibodies to activate the immune system. InIgG, IgA and IgD antibody isotypes, the Fc region is composed of two identical protein fragments, derived from the second and third constant domains of the antibody's two heavy chains; IgM and IgE Fc regions contain three heavy chain constant domains (CH domains 2–4) in each polypeptide chain. The Fc regions of IgGs bear a highly conserved N-glycosylation site. Glycosylation of the Fc fragment is essential for Fc receptor-mediated activity. The N-glycans attached to this site are predominantly core-fucosylated diantennary structures of the complex type. In addition, small amounts of these N-glycans also bear bisecting GlcNAc and α-2, 6 linked sialic acid residues. The other part of an antibody, called the Fab region, contains variable sections that define the specific target that the antibody can bind. By contrast, the Fc region of all antibodies in a class are the same for each species; they are constant rather than variable. The Fc region is, therefore, sometimes incorrectly termed the "fragment constant region".
  • (Tris-Glycine gel) Discontinuous SDS-PAGE (reduced) with 5% enrichment gel and 15% separation gel.

Tested Applications ELISA, WB, SDS-PAGE
Form Liquid
Storage Buffer PBS, pH 7.4
Alias Fragment crystallizable region
Biological_Activity Not test
Purity >95% (SDS-PAGE)
Sequence Full length protein
Research Area Immunology
Source Mouse serum IgG digested with papain
Protein Names Mouse IgG Fc fragment
Storage Aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
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Q&A and Customer Reviews


I am wondering if I can know the molecular weight and amino acid sequence of mouse IgG Fc fragment.

Thanks for your inquiry. According to the product name you provided, the product should be a native protein instead of peptide.
CSB-NP005801m Mouse IgG Fc
This is a native protein and its molecular weight is 30-32KDa. There is no amino acid sequence.

It is stated as native protein in the information sheet sorry I mixed peptide and protein. Do you mean you don't have the information on its amino acid sequence? If that's the case, do you have any suggestion on data bank that I can search since I am not a protein person?

Very nice to receive your quick response.
You could use imgt database to search the sequence of CSB-NP005801m.
We have tried to search the sequence of this protein in imgt database but haven't found. You could have a try.
We're not sure why you would like to know the sequence of this native protein, because almost no customer ask for this information.
Native protein is naturally extracted and the sequence will not change, and will not make any influence on experiment.
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