Product Name


Species Reactivity



CABP7 Antibody

CSB-PA180621 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

KCNMB2 Antibody

CSB-PA130865 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

RCAN1 Antibody

CSB-PA978873 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

CHP2 Antibody

CSB-PA869859 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

BAZ2A Antibody

CSB-PA437543 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ARFGEF2 Antibody

CSB-PA206523 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

BCAS4 Antibody

CSB-PA225925 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

BCAS2 Antibody

CSB-PA446952 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

BAIAP2L2 Antibody

CSB-PA000226 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

BAIAP2L1 Antibody

CSB-PA794497 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

MPC1 Antibody

CSB-PA206581 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

MPC2 Antibody

CSB-PA067696 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

HGH1 Antibody

CSB-PA989731 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

BMP8B Antibody

CSB-PA788463 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

BMP8A Antibody

CSB-PA256187 Human ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

BMP3 Antibody

CSB-PA105888 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

BMP10 Antibody

CSB-PA198870 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

SLC27A5 Antibody

CSB-PA876368 Human ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

GUSBP1 Antibody

CSB-PA234039 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

GUSB Antibody

CSB-PA831075 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

GLB1L3 Antibody

CSB-PA285355 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

GLB1 Antibody

CSB-PA146106 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

B4GALT1 Antibody

CSB-PA195029 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

B4GALNT1 Antibody

CSB-PA189953 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

MFNG Antibody

CSB-PA053008 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

LFNG Antibody

CSB-PA570737 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

B3GALTL Antibody

CSB-PA786105 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

B3GALT4 Antibody

CSB-PA946080 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

B3GALT1 Antibody

CSB-PA243212 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

GCNT7 Antibody

CSB-PA596794 Human ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

GCNT6 Antibody

CSB-PA059865 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

GCNT3 Antibody

CSB-PA976989 Human ELISA,IHC,IF 100μl

BCL2L12 Antibody

CSB-PA995732 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

BCLAF1 Antibody

CSB-PA559503 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

BNIP2 Antibody

CSB-PA994311 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

C9orf89 Antibody

CSB-PA788857 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

EPB41L2 Antibody

CSB-PA780327 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

BAGE4 Antibody

CSB-PA265405 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

BAGE3 Antibody

CSB-PA588687 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

BAGE2 Antibody

CSB-PA964722 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

ATG16L1 Antibody

CSB-PA557520 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ATN1 Antibody

CSB-PA048957 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

DQX1 Antibody

CSB-PA906253 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

DHX8 Antibody

CSB-PA596171 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

DDX55 Antibody

CSB-PA071566 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

DDX54 Antibody

CSB-PA930169 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

DDX51 Antibody

CSB-PA053041 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

DDX3Y Antibody

CSB-PA947616 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

DDX24 Antibody

CSB-PA050498 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

DDX19B Antibody

CSB-PA781970 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

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