Product Name



CNN1 Antibody

CSB-RA005655A0HU 100μl/50μl

CASP9 Antibody

CSB-RA004555A0HU 100μl/50μl

HNRNPK Antibody

CSB-RA010611A0HU 100μl/50μl

SUMO1 Antibody

CSB-RA022948A0HU 100μl/50μl

GSTO1 Antibody

CSB-RA009986A0HU 100μl/50μl

HAMP Antibody

CSB-RA010124A0HU 100μl/50μl

FOXO4 Antibody

CSB-RA008839A0HU 100μl/50μl

ATM Antibody

CSB-RA618770A0HU 100μl/50μl

BAK1 Antibody

CSB-RA624111A0HU 100μl/50μl

TBR1 Antibody

CSB-RA618090A0HU 100μl/50μl

CA9 Antibody

CSB-RA614990A0HU 100μl/50μl

PDPN Antibody

CSB-RA017739A0HU 100μl/50μl

RIOX2 Antibody

CSB-RA810267A0HU 100μl/50μl

GOLM1 Antibody

CSB-RA009666A0HU 100μl/50μl

DGCR8 Antibody

CSB-RA845175A0HU 100μl/50μl

NDRG1 Antibody

CSB-RA835678A0HU 100μl/50μl

CDC5L Antibody

CSB-RA858712A0HU 100μl/50μl

CCL19 Antibody

CSB-RA859522A0HU 100μl/50μl

MAP3K3 Antibody

CSB-RA013425A0HU 100μl/50μl

FTO Antibody

CSB-RA880154A0HU 100μl/50μl

TP63 Antibody

CSB-RA887971A0HU 100μl/50μl

AGO3 Antibody

CSB-RA875700A0HU 100μl/50μl

HDAC6 Antibody

CSB-RA010242A0HU 100μl/50μl

DAXX Antibody

CSB-RA871395A0HU 100μl/50μl

HDAC9 Antibody

CSB-RA010245A0HU 100μl/50μl

AXIN2 Antibody

CSB-RA897472A0HU 100μl/50μl

CLDN4 Antibody

CSB-RA005506A0HU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MAPK3 (T202) + MAPK1 (T185) Antibody

CSB-RA013456A185phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PTK2 (Y397) Antibody

CSB-RA018994A397phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PAK4/PAK5/PAK6 (S474/S560/S602) Antibody

CSB-RA017408A474phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MTOR (S2448) Antibody

CSB-RA008968A2448phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-RB1 (S780) Antibody

CSB-RA019386A780phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PRKDC (S2056) Antibody

CSB-RA018714A2056phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-TP53 (S9) Antibody

CSB-RA024077A09phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-TP53 (S33) Antibody

CSB-RA024077A33phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-LAT (Y191) Antibody

CSB-RA012767A191phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MLKL (S358) Antibody

CSB-RA850851A358phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PTEN (S380) Antibody

CSB-RA018964A380phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MAPK8/MAPK9/MAPK10 (T183/T183/T221) Antibody

CSB-RA013466A183phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-SNCA (S129) Antibody

CSB-RA021912A129phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-ATM (S1981) Antibody

CSB-RA618770A1981phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-CREB1 (S133) Antibody

CSB-RA005947A133phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MAPK3 (T202/Y204) + MAPK1 (T185/Y187) Antibody

CSB-RA013456A204phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-MAPT (S324) Antibody

CSB-RA013481A324phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PRKAA2 (S491) Antibody

CSB-RA805325A491phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-POLR2A (S5) Antibody

CSB-RA018327A05phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-POLR2A (S2) Antibody

CSB-RA018327A02phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-GSK3B (Ser9) Antibody

CSB-RA009963A09phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-AKT1 (Ser473) Antibody

CSB-RA001553A473phHU 100μl/50μl

Phospho-PRKCA (T638) Antibody

CSB-RA018699A638phHU 100μl/50μl


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