RAC2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

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Full Product Name Rabbit anti-Homo sapiens (Human) RAC2 Polyclonal antibody
Uniprot No. P15153
Target Names RAC2
Alternative Names EN 7 antibody; EN-7 antibody; EN7 antibody; GX antibody; HSPC 022 antibody; HSPC022 antibody; p21 Rac 2 antibody; p21 Rac2 antibody; p21-Rac2 antibody; p21Rac2 antibody; RAC 2 antibody; Rac2 antibody; RAC2_HUMAN antibody; Ras related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 2 (rho family; small GTP binding protein Rac2 antibody; Ras related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 2 antibody; Ras related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 3 (rho family; small GTP binding protein Rac2) antibody; Ras related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 3 antibody; Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 2 antibody; Rho family small GTP binding protein Rac 2 antibody; Rho family small GTP binding protein Rac2 antibody; Small G protein antibody
Raised in Rabbit
Species Reactivity Human
Immunogen Recombinant Human Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 2 protein (1-189AA)
Immunogen Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Conjugate HRP
Clonality Polyclonal
Isotype IgG
Purification Method >95%, Protein G purified
Concentration It differs from different batches. Please contact us to confirm it.
Buffer Preservative: 0.03% Proclin 300
Constituents: 50% Glycerol, 0.01M PBS, PH 7.4
Form Liquid
Tested Applications ELISA
Protocols ELISA Protocol
Troubleshooting and FAQs Antibody FAQs
Storage Upon receipt, store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze.
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Target Background

Plasma membrane-associated small GTPase which cycles between an active GTP-bound and inactive GDP-bound state. In active state binds to a variety of effector proteins to regulate cellular responses, such as secretory processes, phagocytose of apoptotic cells and epithelial cell polarization. Augments the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by NADPH oxidase.
Gene References into Functions
  1. We found both the rs229527 allele within C1QTNF6 (odds ratio [OR] = 1.23, confidence interval [95% CI]: 1.12-1.33, pAllelic = 4.60 . 10-6) and the rs2284038 allele within RAC2 (OR = 1.10, 95% CI: 1.01-0.19, pAllelic = 3.00 . 10-2) showed significant associations with Graves' Disease susceptibility. PMID: 28665696
  2. P38 MAPK, phosphorylated P38 MAPK, and RAC2 regulated in mutual feedback and negative feedback regulatory pathways, resulting in the radioresistance of G0 cells. PMID: 27936335
  3. Rac2 to modulates the level of Rac1-dependent macrophage IL-1beta expression, which consequently determines extent of atherosclerotic calcification. PMID: 27834690
  4. R665W and L845F be referred to as allomorphic rather than hypermorphic mutations of PLCG2 Rerouting of the transmembrane signals emanating from BCR and converging on PLCgamma2 through Rac in ibrutinib-resistant CLL cells may provide novel drug treatment strategies to overcome ibrutinib resistance mediated by PLCG2 mutations or to prevent its development in ibrutinib-treated CLL patients. PMID: 27542411
  5. Study showed that RhoA/Rac2 participate in hepatocellular tumorigenesis through their upregulation by AFAP1-AS1. PMID: 26892468
  6. RAC2 specifically interacted with a set of mitochondrial proteins. PMID: 26016997
  7. our present analysis reinforces the involvement in ACT of the regulatory NADPH oxidase subunit RAC2 gene variant rs13058338 and, to a lesser extent of the CYBA gene variant rs4673. PMID: 25823784
  8. homozygous loss-of-function RAC2 mutation in 2 patients with early-onset and progressive hypogammaglobulinemia(novel homozygous nonsense mutation in codon 56 (W56X)of RAC2 gene) PMID: 25512081
  9. p47(phox) and Rac2 accumulate only transiently at the phagosome at the onset of NADPH activity and detach from the phagosome before the end of reactive oxygen species production. PMID: 23870057
  10. These studies imply functional importance of iNOS and its interaction with Rac2 in pathogen killing by the neutrophils. PMID: 23875749
  11. Mutations in hematopoiesis-specific Rho GTPases Rac2 and RhoH lead to a wide range of human blood disorders. (Review) PMID: 23850828
  12. This variant reduced binding of the NCF2 gene product p67(phox) to RAC2. This study found a novel genetic association of RAC2 with Crohn's disease (CD) and replicated the previously reported association of NCF4 with ileal CD. PMID: 21900546
  13. Rac2 GTPase alters mitochondrial membrane potential and electron flow through the mitochondrial respiratory chain complex III, generating high levels of reactive oxygen species in chronic-phase CML stem cells and primitive leukemia progenitor cells. PMID: 22411871
  14. data reinforce recent evidences that susceptibility alleles/haplotypes are shared among multiple autoimmune disorders and support a causal role for RAC2 variants in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. PMID: 21680873
  15. CNF1 modified Rac2, which then interacted with the innate immune adaptors IMD and Rip1-Rip2 in flies and mammalian cells, respectively, to drive an immune response PMID: 22018470
  16. activated cells PLD2 affects Rac2 in an initial positive feedback, but as Rac2-GTP accumulates in the cell, this constitutes a "termination signal" leading to PLD2 inactivation. PMID: 21378159
  17. Mutations in RAC2 GTPase have been found to cause a human disease, a severe phagocytic immunodeficiency characterized by lifethreatening infections in infancy. Review. PMID: 21178276
  18. Data show that activation of PLCbeta(2) by alpha(q) and beta1gamma2 differ from activation by Rac2 and from each other. PMID: 20007712
  19. Rac2 is activated via a T cell receptor/DOCK2 signal transduction pathway that activates IL-2 transcription in Jurkat cells PMID: 12176041
  20. dissociations of Rac1 and Rac2 from LyGDI enable the PI 3-kinase-dependent translocations of Rac GTPases to the plasma membrane PMID: 12676940
  21. Rac2 does not have the same role as Rac1 in the human NADPH oxidase complex PMID: 12912997
  22. in neutrophils, Rac2 and Cdc42 are involved in FcR- and CR3-induced activation and for properly functioning signal transduction involved in the generation of oxygen radicals. PMID: 12960248
  23. Our results showed a low frequency of mutation and no hot spots of mutation in Rac2 gene in brain tumors, suggesting a decreased possibility of Rac2 in the brain tumorigenesis. PMID: 15812594
  24. diminished rho family, small GTP-binding protein Rac2(Rac2) expression in cord blood neutrophils may contribute to the defects observed in cord blood neutrophil function PMID: 16582540
  25. Endogenous P-Rex1 translocates to areas of Rac2 and cytoskeletal activation at the leading edge in response to chemoattractant stimuli in human neutrophils and that this translocation can be negatively modulated by activation of PKA and by cell adhesion. PMID: 17227822
  26. RACK1 amd Rac2 are components of complexes involved in NK cell homotypic adhesion. PMID: 17269730
  27. These results provide evidence that the activation of Rac2 by angiotensin II is exerted through multiple signalling pathways, involving Ca(2)(+)/calcineurin and protein kinases. PMID: 17975262
  28. DOCK2 and DOCK9 specifically recognize Rac2 and Cdc42 through their switch 1 as well as beta2-beta3 regions and the mode of recognition via switch 1 appears to be conserved among diverse Rac-specific DHR-2 GEFs PMID: 18056264
  29. RAC2 is rarely mutated in gliomas PMID: 18217210
  30. PI3K and Src-ELMO-Dock2 pathways work in parallel to activate Rac2 and modulate chemotaxis in response to a CXCL8 gradient in neutrophils. PMID: 18662984
  31. important in T cell immunological synapse assembly PMID: 18723130
  32. Primary granule exocytosis in human neutrophils is regulated by Rac2-dependent actin remodeling. PMID: 18799653
  33. OAG-induced NOX2 activation was mediated by PKC and PI3K through the regulation of Rac2 activity PMID: 19118104
  34. Human neutrophils kill invading microbes while limiting oxidative damage to the adjacent surrounding healthy tissue through differential activation of Rac1 and Rac2 in response to different concentrations of chemoattractant. PMID: 19625648

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Involvement in disease Neutrophil immunodeficiency syndrome (NEUID)
Subcellular Location Cytoplasm. Note=Membrane-associated when activated.
Protein Families Small GTPase superfamily, Rho family
Tissue Specificity Hematopoietic specific.
Database Links

HGNC: 9802

OMIM: 602049

KEGG: hsa:5880

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000249071

UniGene: Hs.517601

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