B cell receptor signaling pathway

B cell receptor signaling pathway

The Function of B Cell

B cells, also known as B lymphocytes, are pluripotent stem cells derived from bone marrow. It is an important part of adaptive immunity. When mature B cells are stimulated by antigen, they can differentiate into plasma cells, synthesize antibodies, and exert humoral immunity. In addition, B cells can also be used as antigen-presenting cells to capture antigen and present it to T lymphocytes.

B Cell Antigen Receptor

The B cell antigen receptor (BCR) is a complex composed of mIg (mlgM and mlgD) and Igα/Igβ. The former recognizes the antigen and the latter transduces the antigenic stimulation signal received by the BCR. BCR directly recognizes intact, natural protein antigens, polysaccharides or lipid antigens. The cellular processes mediated by B cell antigen receptors mainly include cell proliferation and apoptosis. Its abnormality can cause a lack of humoral immune response or autoimmunity.

The Process and Significance of B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway

B cell receptor (BCR) signaling pathway is an important signaling pathway for B cell survival. B cell receptor (BCR) on the surface of B cells can recognize foreign antigen signals and mediate a series of complex biological effects, including activation, proliferation and differentiation of B cells.

After BCR is linked to the antigen, three main protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) -the SRC-family kinase LYN, SYK and the TEC-family kinase BTK are activated.

Overactivation of several key kinases in the BCR signaling pathway plays an important role in the occurrence, development and drug resistance of B-cell tumors. Downstream effectors of BCR signals (e.g. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) and phospholipase C-gamma 2 (PLC-gamma 2) results in the expression of immediate early genes that further activate the expression of other genes involved in B cell proliferation, differentiation and Ig production as well as other processes.

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