Adseverin is a protein in humans that is encoded by SCIN gene. Ca(2+)-dependent actin filament-severing protein that has a regulatory function in exocytosis by affecting the organization of the microfilament network underneath the plasma membrane.

SCIN Antibodies

SCIN Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

SCIN Antibodies for Human

SCIN Proteins

SCIN Proteins for Bos taurus (Bovine)

SCIN Proteins for Sus scrofa (Pig)

SCIN Proteins for Gallus gallus (Chicken)

SCIN Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)

SCIN Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

SCIN cDNA for Bos taurus (Bovine)

Code Product Name Vector Accession NO.
CSB-CL632953BO SCIN pUC NM_174177.2

SCIN cDNA for Gallus gallus (Chicken)

Code Product Name Vector Accession NO.
CSB-CL713716CH SCIN pUC NM_001244593.1


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