Rat Leptin,LEP ELISA kit

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Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
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Target Name leptin
Alternative Names Lep ELISA Kit; Ob ELISA Kit; Leptin ELISA Kit; Obesity factor ELISA Kit
Abbreviation LEP
Uniprot No. P50596
Species Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Sample Types serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range 0.068 ng/ml - 50 ng/ml
Sensitivity 0.068 ng/ml
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Metabolism
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
Typical Data  
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Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days


Target Data

Function Key player in the regulation of energy balance and body weight control. Once released into the circulation, has central and peripheral effects by binding LEPR, found in many tissues, which results in the activation of several major signaling pathways (By similarity)
Gene References into Functions
  1. Leptin was found to stimulate mast cells to degranulation and histamine release. It induced the intracellular Ca(2+) increase, as well. In response to leptin stimulation, mast cells generated and released cysLTs and chemokine CCL3. Leptin-induced upregulation of CYSLTR1 and CYSLTR2 surface expression was observed. It stimulated mast cells to migratory response, even in the absence of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins. PMID: 30019195
  2. Leptin and chemerin levels: DJOS lowered leptin and chemerin plasma levels versus SHAM, while HF/HF, CD/HF, and HF/CD significantly increased leptin and chemerin plasma levels when compared to CD/CD. PMID: 29849871
  3. These results suggest that leptin and its receptor may serve significant roles in the pathogenesis of varicocele-induced testicular dysfunction. PMID: 29568885
  4. The role of brain-derived serotonin and peripheral leptin in the regulation of bone metabolism and strength in young rats, was examined. PMID: 28797891
  5. Study have generated Lep- mutant rat model to study obesity related diseases. I14 in LEP is essential for LEP-LEPR interaction and biological function, and LepDeltaI14/DeltaI14 rats recapitulate the expected mutant phenotypes of LEP null animals. Structural study of LEPDeltaI14-LEPR interaction reveal the defective ligand/receptor interaction due to deletion of this 14th Ile in mature LEP. PMID: 27378381
  6. The upregulation of miR27 inhibits the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis by targeting leptin and inhibiting the NF-kappaB signaling pathway. PMID: 28627582
  7. high gonadal and gonadal-white adipose tissue expression of leptin system was observed in the offspring of dams fed a high fat diet during pregnancy and lactation. PMID: 28759941
  8. These results demonstrated that vaspin prevented leptininduced inflammation and catabolism by inhibiting the activation of NFkappa B in rat chondrocytes. PMID: 28677772
  9. Results suggested that the dominant signal to hypothalamus suppressing HPT axis is the fall in leptin level which i resulted from decreased adiposity index following fenugreek seed extract feeding. PMID: 28407664
  10. Leptin suppresses glutamate-induced cytotoxicity in primary astrocytes. Leptin inhibits glutamate-induced phosphorylation of ERK1/2 in astrocytes PMID: 29241183
  11. A high fat diet not only disturbs normal metabolism, but it also leads to liver inflammation which is obvious by the changes in transaminase activity as well as leptin and hepcidin levels. PMID: 29254298
  12. Taken together, our results demonstrated that reduced serum leptin, at least in part, contributes to exercise-mediated improvement of insulin sensitivity, indicating JAK2 as a potent therapeutical target of insulin resistance. PMID: 29294325
  13. Leptin expression levels increased in prefrontal cortex and hippocampus following exercise. PMID: 28179125
  14. Study establishes that females are more responsive to long-term central leptin overexpression than males and that leptin antagonism has a greater physiological impact in males. PMID: 29044801
  15. Results show that, in nonpregnant female rats, central leptin can suppress basal insulin concentrations and lead to impaired glucose tolerance despite unchanged glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. PMID: 27623562
  16. Alteration of the neonatal leptin surge in rats can modify the timing of pubertal onset and have long-term effects on hypothalamic expression of reproductive and metabolic neuropeptides. PMID: 27751931
  17. Leptin promotes tendon-derived stem cell osteogenic differentiation and heterotopic bone formation via mTORC1 signaling in both vitro and vivo model. PMID: 28407241
  18. Hypoxia male offspring had higher plasma leptin from postnatal day (PN) 6 through 14 vs. normoxia pups. PMID: 28957383
  19. These data support prior findings suggesting that IL-6 mediates the leptin-sensitizing effects of amylin on VMN neurons and that the inherent leptin resistance of DIO rats can be effectively reversed at a cellular level by IL-6. PMID: 27534878
  20. these studies demonstrate marked differences in the acute insulin-independent effects by which leptin reverses fasting hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis in a rodent model of DKA versus the chronic pleotropic effects by which leptin reverses hyperglycemia in a non-DKA rodent model of T1D. PMID: 28112679
  21. These results suggest that leptin's powerful chronic CNS antidiabetic actions are mediated primarily via nonautonomic mechanisms. PMID: 27923809
  22. Amylin might act as a direct neurotrophic factor in DIO rats to enhance both the number of POMC neurons and their alpha-MSH ARC-PVN pathway development. This suggests important and selective roles for amylin during ARC hypothalamic development. PMID: 27629888
  23. High leptin expression is associated with Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. PMID: 28097455
  24. Data suggest that leptin is involved in mediating the alterations to body energy balance and arcuate nucleus activity following intermittent hypoxia. PMID: 27222924
  25. a novel mechanism of leptin-induced fatty acid oxidation in muscle tissue; namely, this process is dependent on the activation of AMPK to induce the translocation of FAT/CD36 to the plasma membrane, thereby stimulating fatty acid uptake. PMID: 27827305
  26. High-fat diet combined with chronic stress has a synergistic and adverse effect on visceral adiposity and results in elevated plasma leptin. PMID: 28276709
  27. geniposide may regulate tau phosphorylation through leptin signaling PMID: 26496899
  28. The reduction of leptin levels by BAPN in vivo and the ability of this compound to inhibit leptin-induced profibrotic mediators and ROS production in cardiac and vascular cells suggest that interactions between leptin and LOX regulate downstream events responsible for myocardial and vascular fibrosis in obesity. PMID: 26780438
  29. Results provide evidence that leptin regulates FGF21 expression. PMID: 26982498
  30. the activity of JNK stimulated by leptin was suppressed by DUSP19 overexpression. PMID: 26751999
  31. Experimental hypothyroidism induced a negative energy balance accompanied by decreased NPY and increased POMC protein content in the arcuate nucleus, resulting in predominance of anorexigenic pathways, and impaired leptin signaling. PMID: 26538454
  32. Data indicate a significant decrease of leptin expression in visceral adipose tissue (VAT) 24 hours after surgery. PMID: 26846568
  33. Adipose tissue from healthy subjects exerts antihypertrophic effects via an adiponectin-dependent pathway which is impaired in obesity, most likely due to adipocyte remodelling resulting in enhanced leptin and reduced adiponectin levels. PMID: 26731409
  34. Results demonstrate that cardiac mitochondria express functional leptin receptors suggesting that intracellularly derived leptin functions as an autocrine factor acting on both cell membrane and mitochondrial receptors. PMID: 26122392
  35. ventromedial hypothalamus amylin signaling is required for full leptin signaling and protection from high fat diet induced obesity PMID: 26676252
  36. our data suggested that leptin enhances the maturity of fetal lungs during hypoxia-induced apoptosis of type II AECs and provide support for the potential of leptin as a therapeutic agent for promoting lung development in Fetal growth restriction . PMID: 25833759
  37. leptin regulates lipid metabolism, cytokine production and proliferation of intestinal cells through a mechanism largely dependent on activation of the mTOR pathway. PMID: 26017929
  38. the physiological leptin surge occurring around Postnatal Day 9-10 is critical for hippocampal formation development. PMID: 25981175
  39. In conclusion, leptin acts within the brain to diminish glucagon secretion during acute hypoglycemia but increases epinephrine, potentially limiting its detrimental effects during hypoglycemia. PMID: 26506851
  40. HCG therapy appears to be an effective treatment for endometriosis in rats through down-regulation of leptin expression in eutopic and ectopic endometrium PMID: 25722014
  41. Leptin regulates intestinal glutamate transport by different mechanisms. PMID: 25935421
  42. the effect of leptin treatment for 7 and 28 days on renal function and morphology and the participation of angiotensin II (Ang II), through its AT1 receptor, was examined. PMID: 25793389
  43. although restoring low plasma leptin levels into the physiological range effectively normalizes increased HPA axis activity in rats with uDM, this effect is neither necessary nor sufficient to explain leptin's antidiabetic action PMID: 26529250
  44. Leptin differentially increases sympathetic nerve activity and its baroreflex regulation in female rats: role of oestrogen PMID: 25398524
  45. Leptin ameliorates ischemic necrosis of the femoral head in rats with obesity induced by a high-fat diet. PMID: 25797953
  46. This study demonstrated that the responses of hypothalamic NPY and OBRb mRNA expression to food deprivation develop during the neonatal-prepubertal period and exhibit gender differences in rats. PMID: 25561025
  47. results suggest that the insensitivity of PND10 pups to the anorectic effects of leptin might be mediated, at least in part, by a lack of signalling through the Janus kinase/STAT signalling pathway in Ventral Tegmental Area Dopamine neurons. PMID: 25205242
  48. Increased Lep and Lep-R expression after prenatal administration of ATRA in nitrofen-induced PH suggests that ATRA may have therapeutic potential in attenuating CDH-associated PH by stimulating alveolarization and de novo surfactant production. PMID: 25330951
  49. Serum leptin and liver leptin protein and mRNA expression were increased in a high-fat diet induced model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. PMID: 25065280
  50. evidence of a protective mechanism of leptin against ischemia-induced non-apoptotic cardiomyocyte death PMID: 25979360
  51. Leptin promote airway smooth muscle cells proliferation and the expressions of HIF-1alpha and NF-kappaB under hypoxic condition. PMID: 25575055
  52. Results suggest that the increased levels of leptin within the circulation and those within the glomus cells induced by intermittent hypoxia may alter carotid bodies chemosensitivity to hypoxic stimuli PMID: 23201827
  53. These results suggest that the changes in leptin synthesis and secretion induced in response to immune stress in females are affected by the gonadal steroid milieu and that estradiol and other factors are involved in these alterations PMID: 24787748
  54. These data are the first to show that visfatin inhibits myometrial contractility and does so more potently than leptin. PMID: 25645057
  55. The metabolic response to postnatal leptin varies with age. PMID: 24446159
  56. These findings suggest that the actions of endogenous leptin within the solitary tract nucleus contribute to baroreflex suppression during aging PMID: 25260611
  57. These results suggest that prenatal undernutrition induces leptin resistance until the neonatal to pre-pubertal period and that these alterations might be caused by impaired transportation of leptin to central tissues. PMID: 24662007
  58. reduction of leptin up-regulates leptin receptor expression and may affect prefrontal cortex neurons PMID: 24007473
  59. circulating levels of leptin may enhance sympathetic nerve innervation of peripheral tissues PMID: 24561183
  60. Large litter rearing improves hypothalamic leptin signaling pathways and appetite markers. PMID: 24926823
  61. As the VTA and nucleus accumbens are still responsive to leptin, these brain areas may therefore, at least partly, account for the leptin-induced feeding suppression in rats on a fcHFHS diet. PMID: 24498181
  62. After phenylephrine or endothelin-1 precontraction, leptin relaxes intact pulmonary artery and aortic rings, while no response is observed in denuded arteries. PMID: 24499246
  63. data support the hypothesis that leptin, generated in ectopic endometrial lesions produces mechanical hyperalgesia by acting on nociceptors innervating the lesion PMID: 24239717
  64. Data indicate that the significant positive correlations were noted between the expressions of HIF-1alpha and leptin (LP). PMID: 25001932
  65. Results suggest that an high-sugar diets (HSD) induces an increase in leptin expression in retroperitoneal adipose tissue, and reducing adipocytes via leptin-mediated lipolysis after an 8-week period. PMID: 24243000
  66. Chronic stress and obesity impact the temporal pattern of serum leptin and triglycerides levels. PMID: 24184591
  67. Genetic variation may have effect on methylation percentages and subsequently on the regulation of leptin gene expression. PMID: 24495350
  68. These data unveil a glucoregulatory site of leptin action and suggest that enhancing leptin-PI3K signaling in the jejunum lowers plasma glucose concentrations in diabetes. PMID: 24361011
  69. Improved leptin sensitivity is a potential candidate responsible for the spontaneous food restriction in the Lou/C rat, an inbred strain of Wistar origin, described as a model of resistance to age- and diet-induced obesity. PMID: 24039946
  70. Leptin has a role in food intake, weight gain, glucose tolerance, glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity PMID: 24467741
  71. In obesity prone animals, leptin in the renal vascular bed has a vasodilatory effect. PMID: 23506793
  72. data show that adipocytes and leptin directly alter tight junction function in colonic epithelial cells and suggest that visceral adipose tissue could impair colonic epithelial barr PMID: 24243887
  73. increased leptin levels are associated with obesity and T2DM, while decreased ghrelin levels are associated with obesity/IR rather than T2DM. PMID: 23129112
  74. Peptidergic signaling within the pineal gland appears to be one of the most important signals which modulates melatonin synthesis; leptin, as a member of this system, is not an exception. PMID: 23936817
  75. Mechanical cyclic stretch in cardiomyocytes increased leptin expression mediated by the induction of AngII, ROS and the ERK pathway to cause cardiomyocyte hypertrophy PMID: 24063596
  76. 5' heterogeneity of PPARalpha transcripts and their differential regulation by leptin PMID: 23825665
  77. the signaling and cellular mechanism by which leptin regulates KATP channel trafficking to modulate beta-cell function and insulin secretion. PMID: 24100028
  78. The differences in the composition of gut microbiota in rat models under different nutritional status and physical activity and to identify their associations with serum leptin and ghrelin levels, were evalauted. PMID: 23724144
  79. Leptin acts at the level of nucleus of the solitary tract to alter the activity of neurons that mediate the cardiovascular responses to activation of the aortic baroreceptor reflex. PMID: 23535030
  80. Leptin significantly represses agouti-related peptide mRNA levels rapidly. PMID: 23579487
  81. Postweaning exercise improves central leptin sensitivity and signaling in offspring of rat dams fed high-fat diet during pregnancy and lactation. PMID: 24026073
  82. the evidence gathered in this study revealed that leptin and ghrelin can act as neuroprotective agents able to rescue hippocampal neurons from amyloid-beta oligomers toxicity PMID: 23506735
  83. leptin and IL-6 levels were demonstrated to be associated with the severity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. PMID: 23525184
  84. Data suggest leptin/leptin receptor signal transduction in ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus mediates glucose homeostasis; intraventricular leptin infusion normalizes diabetic hyperglycemia, liver gluconeogenesis, and pancreatic glucagon secretion. PMID: 23782941
  85. Leptin overexpression in ventral tegmental area tempered high fat-induced obesity, but to a lesser extent than that with leptin overexpression in the hypothalamus. PMID: 22982569
  86. This work also links, for the first time, alterations in the leptin system during early development to later life abnormalities related to female reproduction and health. PMID: 23544111
  87. Data indicate that leptin-evoked enhancements of the sympathetic nerve outflows to the kidney, brown and white adipose tissues were attenuated in AMPKalpha2 siRNA-treated rats. PMID: 23418591
  88. Changes are examined in leptin sensitivity by leptin resistance-induced leptin receptor (ObRb) and leptin-related suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS3) mRNA levels after 8 weeks of exercise training and/or dietary control of high fat induced obesity PMID: 23669042
  89. Findings support interactions between food intake, obesity and food-seeking behavior and are consistent with leptin inhibiting the brain's reactivity to food cues. PMID: 23172699
  90. Data suggest that impairment of leptin/leptin receptor signaling in early life promotes leptin/insulin resistance, modifies hypothalamic microRNA expression pattern, and leads to overweight in adulthood. PMID: 23576026
  91. PI3K but not Akt is an upstream regulator of the PDE3B pathway of leptin signalling in the rat hypothalamus. PMID: 22967108
  92. In summary, beta-adrenergic blockade mitigated metaphyseal bone loss and bone marrow adiposity during energy restriction and attenuated reductions in serum leptin. PMID: 22995391
  93. leptin mediates the production of inflammatory cytokines by adipose tissue independent of its effects on food intake, decreasing insulin sensitivity PMID: 23056516
  94. Peripheral leptin infusion exaggerated the gain in body fat without altering energy intake confirming the potential for leptin to increase adiposity. PMID: 23211513
  95. Moderate physical training attenuated the effects of a perinatal low-protein diet on the leptin content in adipose tissue. PMID: 22773379
  96. Sp1 and Sp3 transcription factors mediate leptin-induced collagen alpha1(I) gene expression in primary culture of male rat hepatic stellate cells PMID: 23093703
  97. Data suggest that higher plasma leptin, reduced response to leptin in arcuate nucleus, and glucose intolerance in pups at weaning result from maternal high-fat (HF) diet during suckling. Dams fed HF diet have higher leptin/fat content in milk. PMID: 22751689
  98. Leptin regulates glutamate and glucose transporters in hypothalamic astrocytes. PMID: 23064363
  99. The marked suppression of leptin in both rat and dog animal models might contribute to the weight-reducing effect of the reversible gastric restrictive implant. PMID: 22459287
  100. Leptin could reduce intracellular free Ca2+ level in the male rat anterior pituitary. PMID: 21158112

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Subcellular Location Secreted
Protein Families Leptin family
Database Links

KEGG: rno:25608

STRING: 10116.ENSRNOP00000066184

UniGene: Rn.44444

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