The following TRAF2 reagents supplied by CUSABIO are manufactured under a strict quality control system. Multiple applications have been validated and solid technical support is offered.

TRAF2 Antibodies

TRAF2 Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

TRAF2 Proteins

TRAF2 Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)

TRAF2 Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

TRAF2 Background

TNF receptor-associated factor 2 is a protein in humans that is encoded by the TRAF2 gene. TRAF2 regulates the activation of NF-kappa-B and JNK and plays a central role in the regulation of cell survival and apoptosis. It is required for normal antibody isotype switching from IgM to IgG. And TRAF2 has E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase activity and promotes 'Lys-63'-linked ubiquitination of target proteins, such as BIRC3, RIPK1, and TICAM1. It is an essential constituent of several E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase complexes, where it promotes the ubiquitination of target proteins by bringing them into contact with other E3 ubiquitin ligases. Besides, it also regulates BIRC2 and BIRC3 protein levels by inhibiting their autoubiquitination and subsequent degradation. This process does not depend on the TRAF2 RING-type zinc finger domain. TRAF plays a role in mediating activation of NF-kappa-B by EIF2AK2/PKR. In complex with BIRC2 or BIRC3, TRAF promotes the ubiquitination of IKBKE.

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