Mouse luteinizing hormone (LH) ELISA kit

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Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
Trial Size 24T ELISA kits trial application
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The Mouse luteinizing hormone (LH) ELISA kit is designed for detection and quantitation of human IL-1β in serum, plasma, or tissue homogenates. It has been validated with high sensitivity, strong specificity, good linearity, precision less than 15%, and consistency across batch. Refer to the product instructions for more details.

The measurement of this assay is based on the Sandwich-ELISA tecnique. The samples and biotin-labeled LH antibody are successively pipetted into the wells pre-coated with anti-mouse LH antibody. HRP-avidin is subsequently added to the wells. After thorough washing, the substrate TMB is added for color development. TMB is converted to blue by HRP and to yellow by the stop solution. The intensity of color is positively correlated with the LH content in the samples.

LH is a gonadotropin hormone released from the anterior pituitary. It stimulates the synthesis of sex steroids, which in turn negatively regulate the release of hypothalamic GnRH and further LH production. LH contributes to the maturation of primordial germ cells in both sexes. In male, LH causes the Leydig cells of the testes to produce testosterone. While LH triggers the creation of steroid hormones from the ovaries in female. LH is also involved in the modulation of the length and order of the menstrual cycle in females.

Alternative Names LhbLutropin subunit beta ELISA kit; Lutropin beta chain ELISA kit; Luteinizing hormone subunit beta ELISA kit; LH-B ELISA kit; LSH-B ELISA kit; LSH-beta ELISA kit
Abbreviation LH
Uniprot No. O09108
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Sample Types
Detection Range
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Signal Transduction
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
Materials provided
    • A micro ELISA plate --- The 96-well plate has been pre-coated with anti-mouse LH antibody. This dismountable microplate can be divided into 12 x 8 strip plates.
    • Six vials lyophilized standard (0.5 ml/bottle)--- Dilute a bottle ofthe standard at dilution series, read the OD values, and then draw a standard curve.
    • Biotin-labeled LH antibody 1 x 6 ml---Act as the detection antibody.
    • HRP-avidin 1 x 11ml --- Bind to the detection antibody and react with the TMB substrate to make the solution chromogenic.
    • Wash Buffer (20 x concentrate) 1 x 15 ml --- Wash away unbound or free substances.
    • Substrate A 1 x 7 ml --- Chromogenic agent A acts as a hydrogen donor.
    • Substrate B 1 x 7 ml --- Chromogenic agent B (including TMB) is used for color developing.
    • Stop Solution 1 x 7 ml --- Stop the color reaction. The solution color immediately turns from blue to yellow.
    • Four Adhesive Strips (For 96 wells) --- Cover the microplate when incubation.
    • An instruction manual
Materials not provided
    • A microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450 nm, with the correction wavelength set at 540 nm or 570 nm.
    • An incubator can provide stable incubation conditions up to 37°C±5°C.
    • Centrifuge
    • Vortex
    • Squirt bottle, manifold dispenser, or automated microplate washer
    • Absorbent paper for blotting the microtiter plate
    • 50-300ul multi-channel micropipette
    • Pipette tips
    • Single-channel micropipette with different ranges
    • 100ml and 500ml graduated cylinders
    • Deionized or distilled water
    • Timer
    • Test tubes for dilution
and FAQs
Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days


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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Promotes spermatogenesis and ovulation by stimulating the testes and ovaries to synthesize steroids.
Subcellular Location Secreted
Protein Families Glycoprotein hormones subunit beta family
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