Product Name


Uniprot No.



GG18422 Antibody

CSB-PA025415XA01DLK B3NUC9 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG13569 Antibody

CSB-PA871358XA01DLK Q9U5Y0 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD16394 Antibody

CSB-PA455805XA01DMJ B4R338 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE16980 Antibody

CSB-PA459665XA01DMR B4Q1B6 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG12652 Antibody

CSB-PA465087XA01DLK B3P8V8 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

gammaTub37C Antibody

CSB-PA025336XA01DLU P42271 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

gammaTub23C Antibody

CSB-PA025334XA01DLU P23257 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG16026 Antibody

CSB-PA451470XA01DLK B3NDY8 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG10361 Antibody

CSB-PA003375XA01DLK B3N538 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GluProRS Antibody

CSB-PA338947XA01DLU P28668 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM15016 Antibody

CSB-PA455739XA01DMG B4IG10 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF23665 Antibody

CSB-PA459247XA01DKY B3M7M6 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

SrpRalpha Antibody

CSB-PA880035XA01DLU Q9U5L1 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD14793 Antibody

CSB-PA463560XA01DMJ B4QQE2 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD22229 Antibody

CSB-PA003375XA01DMJ B4Q9T2 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF14070 Antibody

CSB-PA003375XA01DKY B3MJV4 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD25982 Antibody

CSB-PA461622XA01DMJ B4QID8 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE23226 Antibody

CSB-PA459657XA01DMR B4P2P8 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE13372 Antibody

CSB-PA003375XA01DMR B4P0U1 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM11479 Antibody

CSB-PA003375XA01DMG B4HWV2 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE24275 Antibody

CSB-PA012213XA01DMR B4PS83 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG16893 Antibody

CSB-PA012213XA01DLK B3P0R4 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG18780 Antibody

CSB-PA455398XA01DLK B3NSW1 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF11203 Antibody

CSB-PA459251XA01DKY B3MGU5 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD18992 Antibody

CSB-PA012213XA01DMJ B4QZ45 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE16425 Antibody

CSB-PA451905XA01DMR B4PZB4 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE21507 Antibody

CSB-PA453836XA01DMR B4NXN5 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM20523 Antibody

CSB-PA451841XA01DMG B4HMQ1 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GD10178 Antibody

CSB-PA455799XA01DMJ B4QFP7 Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM20711 Antibody

CSB-PA453783XA01DMG B4HRL4 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG10665 Antibody

CSB-PA463143XA01DLK B3N8S9 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM24202 Antibody

CSB-PA012213XA01DMG B4HE12 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF17837 Antibody

CSB-PA012213XA01DKY B3M1B7 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG25208 Antibody

CSB-PA459254XA01DLK B3N6D9 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF11110 Antibody

CSB-PA463139XA01DKY B3MI37 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM12432 Antibody

CSB-PA461558XA01DMG B4I0K4 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF20802 Antibody

CSB-PA461195XA01DKY B3MSG8 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

Gnf1 Antibody

CSB-PA019588XA01DLU P35600 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG14034 Antibody

CSB-PA455392XA01DLK B3NCH1 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE21237 Antibody

CSB-PA459659XA01DMR B4PEV9 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GlyP Antibody

CSB-PA895021XA01DLU Q9XTL9 Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM24868 Antibody

CSB-PA457650XA01DMG B4HL48 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF24662 Antibody

CSB-PA451460XA01DKY B3MA91 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GF17012 Antibody

CSB-PA461191XA01DKY B3M343 Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE25034 Antibody

CSB-PA457715XA01DMR B4PPT4 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM23154 Antibody

CSB-PA465442XA01DMG B4II68 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG15093 Antibody

CSB-PA465085XA01DLK B3P321 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GG16392 Antibody

CSB-PA018966XA01DLK B3P1R1 Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GE25944 Antibody

CSB-PA018966XA01DMR B4PUM2 Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

GM23797 Antibody

CSB-PA018966XA01DMG B4HKF2 Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly) 0.2mg/10mg

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