Recombinant Mouse Interleukin-10(Il10) (Active)

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  • (Tris-Glycine gel) Discontinuous SDS-PAGE (reduced) with 5% enrichment gel and 15% separation gel.
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Product Details

Purity Greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin Less than 1.0 EU/μg as determined by LAL method.
Activity The ED50 as determined by the dose-dependent co-stimulation with murine IL-4 of MC-9 cells is less than 2 ng/ml.
Target Names Il10
Uniprot No. P18893
Research Area Immunology
Alternative Names Il10; Il-10Interleukin-10; IL-10; Cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor; CSIF
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Source E.coli
Expression Region 19-178aa
Mol. Weight 18.9 kDa
Protein Length Full Length of Mature Protein
Tag Info Tag-Free
Form Lyophilized powder
Buffer Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered 1xPBS, pH 7.4
Reconstitution We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20°C/-80°C. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
and FAQs
Protein FAQs
Storage Condition Store at -20°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf Life The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Lead Time Basically, we can dispatch the products out in 5-10 working days after receiving your orders. Delivery time may differ from different purchasing way or location, please kindly consult your local distributors for specific delivery time.
Notes Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
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Target Data

Function Inhibits the synthesis of a number of cytokines, including IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-3, TNF and GM-CSF produced by activated macrophages and by helper T-cells.
Gene References into Functions
  1. G protein-coupled receptor 39 exhibits an anti-inflammatory activity by enhancing IL-10 production from macrophages PMID: 30053407
  2. our results provide direct evidence that the capacity of NK cells to secrete IL-10 is required to maintain the successful "innate" modulation of DC phenotype in the gravid uterus. PMID: 28526846
  3. Restrictive IL-10 induction by an innocuous parainfluenza virus vector ameliorates nasal allergy. PMID: 27555458
  4. a regulatory loop in which IL-10 directly restricts CD8(+) T cell activation and function through modification of cell surface glycosylation allowing the establishment of chronic infection. PMID: 29396160
  5. genome-wide knockdown of 19 ribosomal proteins resulted in decreased IL-10 and increased TNF-alpha production. PMID: 29657255
  6. YB-1 orchestrates onset and resolution of renal inflammation via IL-10 gene regulation. PMID: 28664613
  7. this study demonstrates IL-10 production and T cell-suppressive capacity in B cell subsets from atherosclerotic apoE (-/-) mice PMID: 28744806
  8. IL-10 Knock out-Endothelial progenitor cell-Exosomes were highly enriched in microRNAs and proteins that promote inflammation and apoptosis and inhibit angiogenesis. PMID: 28471299
  9. we showed the IL-10 expression of the pyramidal neurons in CA2 and CA3 subregions, for the first time in the world, after infection with the Mu-3 virus PMID: 28493345
  10. These data indicate that CD4(+) follicular regulatory T (Tfr) cells play a multifaceted role in the fine-tuning of the germinal center response and identify IL-10 as an important mediator by which Tfr cells support the germinal center reaction PMID: 29054998
  11. Decreased interleukin-10 (IL-10) expression was found in the hippocampus of the stressed mice, while no differences in pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and tryptophan (TRYP), kynurenine (KYN) or 3-hydroxy kynurenine (3-HK) levels were found. PMID: 28789949
  12. HBV-specific CD8(+) T cells produce IL-10 upon antigen recognition and that this cytokine enhances CD8(+) T cell survival. PMID: 28483675
  13. Novel regulatory T-cells that are induced by B cells and do not express Foxp3 and IL-10 alleviate intestinal inflammation in vivo. PMID: 27581189
  14. Results provide evidence that macrophage IL-10 production is regulated by NLRP3 and contributes to the pathophysiology of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity independently of IL-1beta. PMID: 27225830
  15. Activation of TLR2, TLR4, and TLR9 induced the production of IL-10 in microglia to a greater extent than activation of TLR3. Combination of TLR3 triggering with the other TLRs, enhanced IL-10 through the modulation of its transcription, via interferon (IFN)-beta, but independently of IL-27. Presence of IFN-gamma in the microenvironment abrogated the modulation of IL-10 by TLR3, whereas that of IL-17 had no effect. PMID: 28617991
  16. The absence of IL-10 led to longer illness, more weight loss, more death, and slower viral clearance than in mice that produced IL-10. IL-10 influenced development of disease-causing T cells and entry into the brain of B cells producing antiviral antibody. PMID: 29263262
  17. Cytokine-inducing and anti-inflammatory activity of chitosan and its low-molecular derivative. PMID: 29513410
  18. TonEBP suppresses M2 phenotype via downregulation of the IL-10 in M1 macrophages. PMID: 27160066
  19. Nod2-signaling is essentially involved in the well-balanced innate and adaptive immune responses upon Campylobacter jejuni infection of IL-10(-/-) mice. PMID: 28752081
  20. CD8(+) T cell-derived IL-10 does not contribute significantly to the resolution of contact hypersensitivity responses. PMID: 27714845
  21. Docosahexaenoic acid activates GPR120 to prevent experimental colitis in IL-10 deficient mice. PMID: 28039475
  22. in a Leptospira-infected mouse model, study showed evidence of a possible role of IL-10 on host susceptibility, bacterial clearance and on regulation of cytokine gene expression PMID: 28410507
  23. in vivo IL-10 treatment increased fibroblast activation (proliferation, migration, and collagen production), an effect that was both directly and indirectly influenced by macrophage M2 polarization PMID: 28439731
  24. Suggest that the IL-17A/IL-10/STAT3 signaling pathway plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of hepatic fibrosis by suppressing hepatocellular autophagy and that blocking this pathway may provide therapeutic benefits for the treatment of hepatic fibrosis. PMID: 28039485
  25. Mechanistic studies suggest a PKC-Syk-mediated signaling pathway, to which IL-10 conversely inhibits, is required for activating macrophage self-targeting, followed by phagocytosis independent of calreticulin Moreover, we identified spleen red pulp to be one specific tissue that provides stimuli constantly activating macrophage phagocytosis albeit lacking in Cd47(-/-) or Sirpalpha(-/-) mice. PMID: 27578867
  26. High IL10 expression is associated with lung cancer. PMID: 26956044
  27. The activation of STAT3 was much higher in Gal12(-/-) macrophages activated by lipopolysaccharide, which was correlated with higher levels of IL-10. Adipocytes showed higher insulin sensitivity when treated with Gal12(-/-) macrophage-conditioned media than those treated with Gal12(+/+) macrophages. PMID: 26873172
  28. this study reveals a key role of IL-10 in controlling cellular metabolism via inhibiting mTORC1, and this metabolic control by IL-10 is critical to control of inflammation. PMID: 28473584
  29. IL-10-MSCs offered superior protection against LPS-induced ALI. PMID: 29072959
  30. methane-rich saline may activate the PI3K-AKT-GSK-3beta pathway to induce IL-10 expression and produce anti-inflammatory effects via the NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways. The findings provide a new pharmacological strategy for management of inflammatory response after acute liver injury. PMID: 28597201
  31. plasma adiponectin and leptin were also decreased in IL 10tm.These findings suggest that frailty observed in this mouse model of chronic inflammation may in part be driven by alterations in fat mass, hormone secretion and energy metabolism PMID: 29267271
  32. We believe that current findings derived from human and mouse experiments will promote the development of new drugs and therapies based on IL-10 modulation, which may enhance host immunity and bacterial clearance during infection. However, because IL-10 can play both favorable and unfavorable effects over the host depending on the bacterial infection, it may act as a double edge sword. PMID: 27522641
  33. IL-12p35 suppresses lymphocyte proliferation, induces expansion of IL-10-expressing and IL-35-expressing B cells and ameliorates autoimmune uveitis. PMID: 28959012
  34. aerobic interval training enhanced the anti-inflammatory indices IL-10/TNF-alpha ratio and IL-15 expression in skeletal muscle in tumor-bearing mice. PMID: 27863332
  35. Both IL-6 protein production and transcript levels were downregulated by RA in respiratory tract epithelial cells (LETs) , but upregulated in macrophages (MACs). RA also increased transcript levels of MCP-1, GMCSF, and IL-10 in MACs, but not in LETs. Conversely, when LETs, but not MACs, were exposed to RA PMID: 27940088
  36. DnaK was able to induce TGF-beta mRNA in treated macrophages in an IL-10 dependent manner. PMID: 27337694
  37. findings suggest that the axis IL-10/claudin-10 is a promising target for the development of therapeutic agents against aggressive melanoma PMID: 29145406
  38. IL-10 signaling in CD11c+ cells controls small intestinal immune homeostasis by limiting reactivation of local memory T cells and to protect against Helicobacter hepaticus-induced colitis. PMID: 27027442
  39. Imperatorin exerts antiallergic effects in Th2-mediated allergic asthma via induction of IL-10-producing regulatory T cells by modulating the function of dendritic cells. PMID: 27185659
  40. Cisplatin induces immune-suppressive tolerogenic dendritic cells in TLR agonist-induced inflammatory conditions via abundant IL-10 production, thereby skewing Th cell differentiation towards Th2 and Tr1 cells. This relationship may provide cancer cells with an opportunity to evade the immune system. PMID: 27172902
  41. Following vasectomy, IL1alpha, IL1beta, IL1ra, IL10, and TNF-alpha may mediate immune reaction in whole epididymis, whereas IL6 and TGF-beta1 may mediate regionally different immune response primarily in the lower part of epididymis. PMID: 27476761
  42. this study shows that progesterone and estradiol inhibit the production of IL-10 by activated B cells PMID: 27317920
  43. Il-10 deficient mice express IFN-gamma mRNA and clear Leptospira interrogans from their kidneys more rapidly than normal C57BL/6 mice PMID: 28237664
  44. Depletion of Tregs increased adaptive T cell responses and deficiency of IL10 reduced morbidity and conferred enhanced protection against influenza virus. PMID: 28086957
  45. Data show that the severity experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) were reduced and the serum IL-10 expression levels were increased in CD226 knockout mice than that in control mice when both received EAE induction. PMID: 26942885
  46. this study shows that Influenza A virus-induced release of IL-10 inhibits the anti-microbial activities of invariant natural killer T cells during invasive pneumococcal superinfection PMID: 27220813
  47. Data show that two functionally distinct cytokines, interleukin-4 (IL-4) and interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), significantly potentiate the ability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to inhibit interleukin-10 (IL-10) production by activated regulatory B cells (Bregs). PMID: 27665290
  48. The anti-inflammatory functions of p38 MAPK in macrophages are critically dependent on production of IL-10. PMID: 28877953
  49. Pretreating mice with carrageenan once a day before injecting LPS increased the levels of IL-10 by 2.5-fold and reduced TNF-alpha production by 2-fold compared with control. So, kappa/beta-carrageenan alone and in combination with LPS enhanced the cellular activity and mobility of peritoneal macrophages by increasing cell adhesion and migration compared with control. PMID: 28130856
  50. results demonstrate that IL-10-producing interstitial macrophages negatively regulate Th2- and Th17-mediated inflammatory responses, helping prevent neutrophilic asthma PMID: 26976823
  51. Antigen targeting to DEC-205 on dendritic cells leads to an IL-10-dependent downregulation of CXCR3 expression on differentiated antigen-specific Th1 cells in vivo. This downregulation interferes with the migration of Th1 cells into the gut and protects mice against severe acute and relapsing intestinal inflammation. PMID: 26732675
  52. The investigation of the IL-10R complex revealed that both the extracellular and intracellular domains of IL-10R2 influence the conformation of IL-10R1 and that both domains were required for transducing IL-10 signals. PMID: 29016674
  53. identification of the Mediator-associated kinase CDK8, and its paralog CDK19, as negative regulators of IL-10 production during innate immune activation PMID: 28805801
  54. ablation of IL-10 signaling in Th2 cells led to enhanced Th2 cell survival and exacerbated pulmonary inflammation in a murine model of house dust mite allergy PMID: 27166557
  55. Differential Production of Type I IFN Determines the Reciprocal Levels of IL-10 and Proinflammatory Cytokines Produced by C57BL/6 and BALB/c Macrophages PMID: 27549173
  56. Virulence-dependent induction of interleukin-10-producing-tolerogenic dendritic cells by Mycobacterium tuberculosis impedes optimal T helper type 1 proliferation PMID: 28140445
  57. The defective IL-10 production by PGRN-deficient cells is primarily due to reduced C/EBPalpha protein stability via the E3 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E6AP and proteasome-mediated degradation. PMID: 27619993
  58. IL-6 directly increases IL-10 production and participates in the counter-inflammatory response after acute kidney injury. PMID: 28214022
  59. This study reveals the striking ability of a prototypical innate immune receptor to trigger a potent and suppressive IL-10 response in effector/memory T cells, supporting the notion that TLR2 is a co-regulatory receptor on T cells. PMID: 28742882
  60. data reveal that, despite the multiple immune sources of IL-10 during M. tuberculosis infection, activated effector T cells are the major source accounting for IL-10-induced TB susceptibility. PMID: 28584007
  61. this study shows that Etv5 plays a crucial role in regulating IL-10 production in Th2 cells by facilitating the binding of IL-10-inducing transcription factors at the Il10 locus PMID: 28100679
  62. FXR activation ameliorated central nervous system autoimmunity in an IL-10-dependent fashion and even suppressed advanced clinical disease upon therapeutic administration PMID: 27383204
  63. The results indicate that the disease-preventing effects of Bacteroides fragilis in acute dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis may occur through the TLR2/IL-10 signal pathway. PMID: 28683149
  64. the results of this study demonstrate that induction of IL-10 has a major influence on disease outcome during acute Staphylococcus aureus infection PMID: 28167629
  65. IL-10(+) CD8(+) T cells induced by systemic inflammation to infiltrate the liver have initiated an inflammatory, rather than regulatory, program and may thus have a pathogenic role in severe, acute hepatitis. PMID: 28034913
  66. IL-10 regulates a fibroblast-specific formation of a regenerative, hyaluronan-rich wound extracellular matrix via STAT3 signaling. PMID: 27903619
  67. These results demonstrate the importance of skeletal muscle inflammation in aging-mediated insulin resistance, and our findings further implicate a potential therapeutic role of anti-inflammatory cytokine in the treatment of aging-mediated insulin resistance. PMID: 27811060
  68. resistance to antibody-mediated Transfusion-related acute lung injury was associated with increased interleukin-10 (IL-10) levels, and IL-10 levels were found to be decreased in mice suffering from Transfusion-related acute lung injury. Importantly, IL-10 injection completely prevented and rescued the development of Transfusion-related acute lung injury in mice PMID: 28202460
  69. IL-10 expression is significantly increased following a specific deletion of DNGR-1 in vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis. PMID: 28607102
  70. inhibition of transcription is the primary mechanism for IL-10-mediated suppression of inflammatory gene expression following microbial stimuli PMID: 28213503
  71. Tregs ameliorated ICH-induced inflammatory injury by modulating microglia/macrophage polarization toward the M2 phenotype through the IL-10/GSK3beta/PTEN axis PMID: 27174997
  72. this studies provide information on how IL-10 may contribute to optimized parasite control and prevention of immune-mediated pathology during repeated malaria infections PMID: 27630165
  73. this study shows that IL-4 and IL-10 are important for the altered peptide ligand-induced attenuation of experimental arthritis PMID: 27837109
  74. These results demonstrate that HIF-1alpha is critical for controlling the progression of infection with the fungal pathogen H. capsulatum by limiting IL-10. PMID: 27271565
  75. we report that IL-10 is essential for anti-Plasmodium humoral immunity PMID: 27940658
  76. IL-33 receptor-expressing regulatory T cells are highly activated, Th2 biased and suppress CD4 T cell proliferation through IL-10 and TGFbeta release. PMID: 27548066
  77. observations demonstrate a critical role for IL-10 in driving mucosal mast cell expansion and activation, suggesting that, in its absence, mast cell function is impaired, leading to attenuated food allergy symptoms. PMID: 27183617
  78. triptolide enhances the suppressive effects of Tregs on osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption by enhancing the secretion of IL-10 and TGF-beta1 PMID: 27413257
  79. show that IL-10 influences the balance between Th1 and Tfh cell differentiation and negatively regulates the development of functionally mature memory T cells PMID: 27402701
  80. Interleukin-10 attenuates cervical tumour growth by inhibiting interleukin-6/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 signalling in myeloid-derived suppressor cells. PMID: 27431309
  81. this study reveals an important role for IL-10 secretion by IgM+CD138hi cells in the complete and efficient humoral response PMID: 28012163
  82. Pdcd4 deficiency attenuates atherosclerosis in hyperlipidemic mice in part through the upregulation of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10. PMID: 26166769
  83. These results suggest that activation of iNKT cells increases the initial severity of C. albicans infection, most likely mediated by IL-10 induced modulation of macrophage antifungal activity. PMID: 27151377
  84. Our data suggest that NAOs have a beneficial preventive effect in septic shock correlated with the enhancement of IL-10 via the induction of A20 and COX-2. PMID: 28363868
  85. this study provides evidence that "normal" and neoplastic plasma cell responses integrate an immunosuppressive IL-10 response, which can serve as a counterbalancing mechanism to limit harmful antibody/immune complex-mediated inflammation in case of a strong plasma cell response. PMID: 26653800
  86. IL-10 deficiency results in stable chromatin alterations in intestinal macrophages (IM), even in the absence of bacteria. This supports a model in which IL-10-deficiency leads to chromatin alterations that contribute to a loss of IM tolerance to bacteria, which is a primary initiating event in chronic intestinal inflammation. PMID: 27159132
  87. Properdin deficiency protects from 5-fluorouracil-induced small intestinal mucositis in a complement activation-independent, interleukin-10-dependent mechanism PMID: 28052346
  88. Data (including data from studies in knockout mice) suggest that up-regulation of signaling in colonic mucosa via interleukin-10/microRNA-155/SHIP-1 (Src homology 2 domain-containing inositol-5-phosphatase) is involved in development of colitis due to dysbiosis. PMID: 27395764
  89. this study shows that a resident Escherichia coli that induces chronic colitis in IL-10-deficient mice rapidly but transiently activates the effector immune system in normal hosts, in parallel with induction of protective IL-10 produced by B cells and CD4+ cells that subsequently suppresses this response to mediate mucosal homeostasis PMID: 27147411
  90. this study shows that pretreatment with sodium selenite prevents experimental colitis by restoring interleukin-10 excretion PMID: 27533281
  91. this paper shows that the ability of pVAXhsp65 vaccination to control experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis development is associated with IL-10 induction PMID: 28321419
  92. Ellagic acid treatment augmented specific IL-10 production in response to S. mansoni antigenic stimulation. However, specific IL-1beta, IL-4, IL-12, IL-13, IL-17A, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma production were significantly reduced with ex vivo and in vivo ellagic acid treatment. PMID: 27240831
  93. this study shows that SIRT1-AMPK-autophagy pathway may be involved in the maintenance of chronic inflammation and dysplasia development in the IL-10-deficient mice model PMID: 27085036
  94. IL-10 abrogation efficiently induces regulatory T cell (Treg) formation but dampens tumoral neuropilin-1 (Nrp-1) Treg signaling, which simultaneously augments Th1 and Th17 immunity. PMID: 27075020
  95. After Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, TNF-alpha and IL-10 levels, alveolar macrophage apoptosis, and STAT3 and p-STAT3 expression increased significantly on days 1, 3, and 7 (P < 0.05), with maximum values on day 3. PMID: 27706765
  96. It has been demonstrated that beta-endorphin stimulates the zymosan-induced secretion of reactive oxygen species and suppresses the spontaneous production of IL-1beta and IL-10 by murine peritoneal macrophages in vivo. PMID: 27595832
  97. the degree of fibrosis, inflammatory cell infiltration, and the number of BM-derived myofibroblasts were significantly different between IL-10 KO BM and WT BM transplanted mice, highlighting a likely role of IL-10 in pancreatitis. PMID: 27314021
  98. CD26 costimulatory blockade promotes lung allograft acceptance via reduced T cell infiltration, less expression of IL-17, and increased expression of IL-10, likely to be derived from alternatively activated macrophages. PMID: 26755203
  99. Lactobacillus curvatus WiKim38 induced significantly higher levels of IL-10 in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells. PMID: 27350616
  100. Light-emitting diode therapy increased the levels of IL-10 in a model of chronic inflammatory hyperalgesia PMID: 27001179

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Subcellular Location Secreted
Protein Families IL-10 family
Database Links

KEGG: mmu:16153

STRING: 10090.ENSMUSP00000016673

UniGene: Mm.874

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