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eltB Antibody

CSB-PA333747XA01ENL P32890 Escherichia coli 0.2mg/10mg

eltB Antibody

CSB-PA513948XA01EOM D0Z6T1 Escherichia coli O78:H11 (strain H10407 / ETEC) 0.2mg/10mg

eltA Antibody

CSB-PA356922XA01ENL P06717 Escherichia coli 0.2mg/10mg

elaD Antibody

CSB-PA670613XA01ENV Q47013 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

elaA Antibody

CSB-PA360114XA01SZB P0AEH4 Shigella flexneri 0.2mg/10mg

EXP-1 Antibody

CSB-PA361413XA01PLO P04926 Plasmodium falciparum 0.2mg/10mg

erfK Antibody

CSB-PA327944XA01ENV P39176 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA771093XA01SZB Q83QI5 Shigella flexneri 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA631119XA01EGW Q1R8G7 Escherichia coli (strain UTI89 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EOG B7N6F4 Escherichia coli O17:K52:H18 (strain UMN026 / ExPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA611585XA01EGY Q0TES2 Escherichia coli O6:K15:H31 (strain 536 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01ENU C4ZYI9 Escherichia coli (strain K12 / MC4100 / BW2952) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EOD P58070 Escherichia coli O157:H7 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EOK B7MIQ1 Escherichia coli O45:K1 (strain S88 / ExPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EJD A7ZQ10 Escherichia coli O139:H28 (strain E24377A / ETEC) 0.2mg/10mg

envZ Antibody

CSB-PA360125XA01SZB P0AEJ5 Shigella flexneri 0.2mg/10mg

envC Antibody

CSB-PA334305XA01ENV P37690 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

entH Antibody

CSB-PA509910XA01DTP D2TMN6 Citrobacter rodentium (strain ICC168) (Citrobacter freundii biotype 4280) 0.2mg/10mg

entD Antibody

CSB-PA262984XA01ENV P19925 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EOR B7LUZ8 Escherichia fergusonii (strain ATCC 35469 / DSM 13698 / CDC 0568-73) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01ENW B6I5E0 Escherichia coli (strain SE11) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01ENP B1IVR1 Escherichia coli (strain ATCC 8739 / DSM 1576 / Crooks) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EJF A8A376 Escherichia coli O9:H4 (strain HS) 0.2mg/10mg

Endov Antibody

CSB-PA806983XA01MO Q8C9A2 Mus musculus (Mouse) 0.2mg/10mg

elfD Antibody

CSB-PA845195XA01EOD Q8X5E4 Escherichia coli O157:H7 0.2mg/10mg

elbB Antibody

CSB-PA364699XA01ENV P0ABU5 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

elaB Antibody

CSB-PA365149XA01ENV P0AEH5 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

elaB Antibody

CSB-PA360115XA01FQR P0AEH6 Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

ehaG Antibody

CSB-PA914391XA01EOD Q7DJ60 Escherichia coli O157:H7 0.2mg/10mg

exoX Antibody

CSB-PA365161XA01ENV P0AEK0 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

eutS Antibody

CSB-PA350608XA01FQR P63747 Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

eutP Antibody

CSB-PA301210XA01ENV P76556 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

eutM Antibody

CSB-PA359611XA01FQR P0ABF5 Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

eutH Antibody

CSB-PA302031XA01ENV P76552 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

eutC Antibody

CSB-PA813881XA01FQR Q8FFA1 Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

esxG Antibody

CSB-PA184692XA01MVX A0QQ43 Mycobacterium smegmatis (strain ATCC 700084 / mc(2)155) 0.2mg/10mg

estA Antibody

CSB-PA336374XA01BRJ P37957 Bacillus subtilis (strain 168) 0.2mg/10mg

essQ Antibody

CSB-PA303522XA01ENV P77237 Escherichia coli (strain K12) 0.2mg/10mg

essD Antibody

CSB-PA359334XA01FQR P0A9R3 Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

espP Antibody

CSB-PA521867XA01ENL O32591 Escherichia coli 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA364778XA01SZB P0ACC6 Shigella flexneri 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA469373XA01ENW B6HZD2 Escherichia coli (strain SE11) 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA542373XA01ENT B1XD26 Escherichia coli (strain K12 / DH10B) 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA484271XA01EOO B7M197 Escherichia coli O8 (strain IAI1) 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA488026XA01EON B7NIB9 Escherichia coli O7:K1 (strain IAI39 / ExPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA485836XA01ENM B7LGL8 Escherichia coli (strain 55989 / EAEC) 0.2mg/10mg

erpA Antibody

CSB-PA485609XA01EOB B7UIK3 Escherichia coli O127:H6 (strain E2348/69 / EPEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01ENX B1LP79 Escherichia coli (strain SMS-3-5 / SECEC) 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EJE A1AE96 Escherichia coli O1:K1 / APEC 0.2mg/10mg

era Antibody

CSB-PA007759XA01EOO B7M8H9 Escherichia coli O8 (strain IAI1) 0.2mg/10mg

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