Multifunctional ATP-dependent RNA helicase . The ATPase activity can be stimulated by various ribo-and deoxynucleic acids indicative for a relaxed substrate specificity. In vitro can unwind partially double-stranded DNA with a preference for 5'-single-stranded DNA overhangs. Binds RNA G-quadruplex (rG4s) structures, including those located in the 5'-UTR of NRAS mRNA. Involved in many cellular processes, which do not necessarily require its ATPase/helicase catalytic activities (Probable). Involved in transcription regulation. Positively regulates CDKN1A/WAF1/CIP1 transcription in an SP1-dependent manner, hence inhibits cell growth. This function requires its ATPase, but not helicase activity. CDKN1A up-regulation may be cell-type specific. Binds CDH1/E-cadherin promoter and represses its transcription. Potentiates HNF4A-mediated MTTP transcriptional activation; this function requires ATPase, but not helicase activity. Facilitates HNF4A acetylation, possibly catalyzed by CREBBP/EP300, thereby increasing the DNA-binding affinity of HNF4 to its response element. In addition, disrupts the interaction between HNF4 and SHP that forms inactive heterodimers and enhances the formation of active HNF4 homodimers. By promoting HNF4A-induced MTTP expression, may play a role in lipid homeostasis.

DDX3X Antibodies

DDX3X Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

DDX3X Proteins

DDX3X Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

DDX3X Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)


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