AOX1 Research Reagents

Aldehyde oxidase is a protein in humans that is encoded by AOX1 gene. Oxidase with broad substrate specificity, oxidizing aromatic azaheterocycles, such as N1-methylnicotinamide, N-methylphthalazinium and phthalazine, as well as aldehydes, such as benzaldehyde, retinal, pyridoxal, and vanillin. Plays a key role in the metabolism of xenobiotics and drugs containing aromatic azaheterocyclic substituents. Participates in the bioactivation of prodrugs such as famciclovir, catalyzing the oxidation step from 6-deoxypenciclovir to penciclovir, which is a potent antiviral agent. Is probably involved in the regulation of reactive oxygen species homeostasis. May be a prominent source of superoxide generation via the one-electron reduction of molecular oxygen. Also may catalyze nitric oxide (NO) production via the reduction of nitrite to NO with NADH or aldehyde as electron donor. May play a role in adipogenesis.

The following AOX1 reagents supplied by CUSABIO are manufactured under a strict quality control system. Multiple applications have been validated and solid technical support is offered.

AOX1 Antibodies

AOX1 Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

AOX1 Antibodies for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

AOX1 Antibodies for Mus musculus (Mouse)

AOX1 Antibodies for Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo lily) (Typhonium venosum)

AOX1 Proteins

AOX1 Proteins for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

AOX1 Proteins for Bos taurus (Bovine)

AOX1 Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)

AOX1 Proteins for Komagataella phaffii (strain GS115 / ATCC 20864) (Yeast) (Pichia pastoris)

AOX1 Proteins for Macaca fascicularis (Crab-eating macaque) (Cynomolgus monkey)

AOX1 Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

AOX1 Proteins for Nicotiana tabacum (Common tobacco)

AOX1 Proteins for Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo lily) (Typhonium venosum)

AOX1 Proteins for Podospora anserina (Pleurage anserina)

AOX1 Proteins for Magnaporthe oryzae (strain 70-15 / ATCC MYA-4617 / FGSC 8958) (Rice blast fungus) (Pyricularia oryzae)

AOX1 Proteins for Candida albicans (Yeast)

AOX1 Proteins for Aspergillus niger

AOX1 Proteins for Monilinia fructicola (Brown rot fungus) (Ciboria fructicola)

AOX1 Proteins for Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii serotype A (strain H99 / ATCC 208821 / CBS 10515 / FGSC 9487) (Filobasidiella neoformans var. grubii)

AOX1 Proteins for Venturia inaequalis (Apple scab fungus)

AOX1 Proteins for Ajellomyces capsulatus (Darling's disease fungus) (Histoplasma capsulatum)

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