Product Name


Species Reactivity



CHML Antibody

CSB-PA089970 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

RABEP2 Antibody

CSB-PA953159 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

PDHA1 Antibody

CSB-PA247984 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

PDK2 Antibody

CSB-PA574849 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

PDK1 Antibody

CSB-PA296362 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

PC Antibody

CSB-PA587753 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

PDXDC1 Antibody

CSB-PA974946 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

PWWP2B Antibody

CSB-PA149091 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

APOBEC4 Antibody

CSB-PA578412 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ABCC13 Antibody

CSB-PA870553 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

S100Z Antibody

CSB-PA617327 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

S100A5 Antibody

CSB-PA187722 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

S100A16 Antibody

CSB-PA113412 Human,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

SSH3 Antibody

CSB-PA593063 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

PPM1L Antibody

CSB-PA087202 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

PPP1R7 Antibody

CSB-PA788208 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

PPP1R16A Antibody

CSB-PA922576 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

PPP1R16B Antibody

CSB-PA584562 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

NDRG4 Antibody

CSB-PA189877 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

FAM35AFAM35/B Antibody

CSB-PA597588 Human ELISA,WB 100μl


CSB-PA100463 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

BTC Antibody

CSB-PA037451 Human ELISA,WB 100μl


CSB-PA448693 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

PRPF18 Antibody

CSB-PA130292 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

PRPF39 Antibody

CSB-PA103635 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

CDC40 Antibody

CSB-PA229473 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

SF3B6 Antibody

CSB-PA201433 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNS2 Antibody

CSB-PA100448 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNQ5 Antibody

CSB-PA876430 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNQ4 Antibody

CSB-PA288698 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNH3 Antibody

CSB-PA440643 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNH1 Antibody

CSB-PA959531 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

KCND1 Antibody

CSB-PA798293 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNA5 Antibody

CSB-PA074982 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNA1 Antibody

CSB-PA220416 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNK15 Antibody

CSB-PA986151 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

KCNK12 Antibody

CSB-PA128197 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

KCNK1 Antibody

CSB-PA436964 Human,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

POLDIP3 Antibody

CSB-PA100137 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

SERPINA5 Antibody

CSB-PA561778 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

PNN Antibody

CSB-PA255188 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

N4BP2L2 Antibody

CSB-PA548389 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

PLD4 Antibody

CSB-PA219574 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

PLA1A Antibody

CSB-PA927831 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

PIK3R5 Antibody

CSB-PA288007 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

PITPNB Antibody

CSB-PA877125 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

PIGH Antibody

CSB-PA238046 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

PEBP1 Antibody

CSB-PA948956 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

SLC25A12 Antibody

CSB-PA099323 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

PEX10 Antibody

CSB-PA869145 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

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