Product Name


Species Reactivity



AMPD2 Antibody

CSB-PA211918 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

SCNN1D Antibody

CSB-PA989132 Human ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

SGCA Antibody

CSB-PA993648 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

A4GNT Antibody

CSB-PA797885 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ACER3 Antibody

CSB-PA255485 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

ACER2 Antibody

CSB-PA293630 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

AKR1E2 Antibody

CSB-PA111090 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

AKR1CL1 Antibody

CSB-PA175997 Human ELISA,IF 100μl

AKR1C2 Antibody

CSB-PA897692 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

AOX1 Antibody

CSB-PA923627 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

ALDH1B1 Antibody

CSB-PA900038 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ALDH3B1 Antibody

CSB-PA945499 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

ADH7 Antibody

CSB-PA098332 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

AKR1A1 Antibody

CSB-PA967994 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

ARL2BP Antibody

CSB-PA918867 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

ARFGAP3 Antibody

CSB-PA189802 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ARF4 Antibody

CSB-PA093160 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

BST1 Antibody

CSB-PA052030 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

SLC25A31 Antibody

CSB-PA076262 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

SLC25A6 Antibody

CSB-PA238544 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ADAMTS18 Antibody

CSB-PA999160 Human,Mouse ELISA,WB 100μl

ADAM32 Antibody

CSB-PA552451 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

LPCAT2 Antibody

CSB-PA203991 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

LYPLA1 Antibody

CSB-PA076865 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

ACOT4 Antibody

CSB-PA051355 Human ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

ACOT2 Antibody

CSB-PA570173 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ACOT12 Antibody

CSB-PA066461 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC,IF 100μl

ACOT1 Antibody

CSB-PA132650 Human ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

ACBD6 Antibody

CSB-PA050508 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

ACTR3 Antibody

CSB-PA054996 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ACHE Antibody

CSB-PA547258 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

CHRNB1 Antibody

CSB-PA437943 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

EPHX3 Antibody

CSB-PA906736 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ABHD6 Antibody

CSB-PA449719 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

ABHD4 Antibody

CSB-PA901885 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

ABHD14B Antibody

CSB-PA245875 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

ABHD14A Antibody

CSB-PA030499 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

ABHD12 Antibody

CSB-PA589699 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

ABHD11 Antibody

CSB-PA973412 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

PGLS Antibody

CSB-PA222487 Human ELISA,WB,IHC 100μl

PGD Antibody

CSB-PA787749 Human ELISA,WB 100μl

RPL5 Antibody

CSB-PA276101 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

UBA52 Antibody

CSB-PA035362 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

RPL3L Antibody

CSB-PA157503 Human ELISA,IHC,IF 100μl

RPL39L Antibody

CSB-PA983842 Human ELISA,IHC 100μl

RPL39 Antibody

CSB-PA050510 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

RPL36 Antibody

CSB-PA138682 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IHC,IF 100μl

RPL35 Antibody

CSB-PA980122 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB 100μl

RPL34 Antibody

CSB-PA299301 Human,Mouse,Rat ELISA,WB,IF 100μl

RPL31 Antibody

CSB-PA170328 Human,Mouse ELISA,IHC 100μl

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