Product Name



Recombinant Halochromatium salexigens Photoactive yellow protein(pyp)

CSB-EP304596HTP E.coli

Recombinant Pacifastacus leniusculus Astakine

CSB-EP710076PAD E.coli

Recombinant Human Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit F(EIF3F)

CSB-EP007535HU E.coli

Recombinant Aeromonas sobria Aerolysin(asa1)

CSB-EP312348ADP E.coli

Recombinant Mouse Complement C4-B(C4b),partial

CSB-EP003950MO E.coli

Recombinant Mouse Complement C1s-B subcomponent(C1sb)

CSB-EP805577MO E.coli

Recombinant Mouse Complement C1r-A subcomponent(C1ra)

CSB-EP806535MO E.coli

Recombinant Mouse Complement C1r subcomponent-like protein(C1rl)

CSB-EP659758MO E.coli

Recombinant Mesocricetus auratus Major prion protein(PRNP)

CSB-EP3554MRG E.coli

Recombinant Klebsiella pneumoniae OmpK36(OmpK36)

CSB-EP3608KBG E.coli

Recombinant Human Basic salivary proline-rich protein 1(PRB1),partial

CSB-EP018629HU1 E.coli

Recombinant Streptococcus pneumoniae Beta-galactosidase 3(bgaC)

CSB-EP3755FMW E.coli

Recombinant Rhodobacter capsulatus 4-coumarate--CoA ligase(pcl)

CSB-EP526647RLD E.coli

Recombinant Human Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta, mitochondrial(PDHB)

CSB-EP017717HU E.coli

Recombinant Apis mellifera Vitellogenin(Vg),partial

CSB-EP768142DNK E.coli

Recombinant Arabidopsis thaliana Expansin-A1(EXPA1)

CSB-EP874889DOA E.coli

Recombinant Arabidopsis thaliana Expansin-B1(EXPB1)

CSB-EP879777DOA E.coli

Recombinant Apis mellifera Defensin-1

CSB-EP324652DNK E.coli

Recombinant Rat Carbonic anhydrase 2(Ca2)

CSB-EP004370RA E.coli

Recombinant Human Atrial natriuretic peptide receptor 2(NPR2),partial

CSB-EP016024HUi8 E.coli

Recombinant Human Myc proto-oncogene protein(MYC),Biotinylated

CSB-EP015270HU-B E.coli

Recombinant Human Collagen alpha-2 (VI) chain(COL6A2),partial

CSB-EP005752HU1 E.coli

Recombinant Mouse IGF-like family receptor 1(Igflr1),partial

CSB-EP663649MO E.coli

Recombinant Human Zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 32(ZBTB32),partial

CSB-EP897538HU1 E.coli

Recombinant Mouse H-2 class I histocompatibility antigen, D-D alpha chain(H2-D1)

CSB-EP365684MOb0 E.coli

Recombinant Mouse H-2 class I histocompatibility antigen, D-D alpha chain(H2-D1)

CSB-EP365684MOa0 E.coli

Recombinant Human 14-3-3 protein sigma(SFN)

CSB-EP021135HUb1 E.coli

Recombinant Human 14-3-3 protein sigma(SFN)

CSB-EP021135HUd1 E.coli

Recombinant Puccinia triticina Uncharacterized protein(PTTG_11654)

CSB-EP3751GPC E.coli

Recombinant Human Protein lin-28 homolog A(LIN28A)

CSB-EP884500HU(A4) E.coli

Recombinant Human Interleukin-18(IL18)

CSB-EP614514HUd7 E.coli

Recombinant Puccinia triticina Uncharacterized protein(PTTG_11707)

CSB-EP3752GPC E.coli

Recombinant Human Ras GTPase-activating protein-binding protein 1(G3BP1)

CSB-EP613389HU(A4)a0 E.coli

Recombinant Human Atrial natriuretic peptide-converting enzyme(CORIN),partial

CSB-EP896913HU E.coli

Recombinant Schmidtea mediterranea Activin 1,partial

CSB-EP3605GOQ1 E.coli

Recombinant Human Nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 1(NR4A1)

CSB-EP016062HU E.coli

Recombinant Human Beclin-1(BECN1)

CSB-EP617917HU E.coli

Recombinant Bovine coronavirus Non-structural protein of 4.8 kDa(4b)

CSB-EP366297BJL E.coli

Recombinant Bovine coronavirus Non-structural protein of 4.9 kDa(4a)

CSB-EP882514BJJ E.coli

Recombinant Human Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase type-2 beta(PIP4K2B)

CSB-EP018023HU E.coli

Recombinant Fusarium solani subsp. cucurbitae Cutinase(CUTA)

CSB-EP860327FBAN E.coli

Recombinant Human COUP transcription factor 1(NR2F1)

CSB-EP016056HU E.coli

Recombinant Rat Acetylcholinesterase(Ache)

CSB-EP001154RA E.coli

Recombinant Enterobacteria phage T4 Recombination and repair protein(UVSX)

CSB-EP361289EDZc7 E.coli

Recombinant Human Serine/threonine-protein kinase 38-like(STK38L),partial

CSB-EP896491HU1a0 E.coli

Recombinant Rat Transferrin receptor protein 1(Tfrc),partial

CSB-EP858708RA1 E.coli

Recombinant Newcastle disease virus Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase(HN),partial

CSB-EP336075NCW1a0 E.coli

Recombinant Rabies virus Matrix protein(M)

CSB-EP322192RAIe0 E.coli

Recombinant Human Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2(NFE2L2),partial

CSB-EP614961HU1 E.coli

Recombinant Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayw Capsid protein(C)

CSB-EP314449HEI E.coli


Recombinant Human C-C chemokine receptor type 8(CCR8) referenced in "The chemokine CCL1 triggers an AMFR-SPRY1 pathway that promotes differentiation of lung fibroblasts into myofibroblasts and drives pulmonary fibrosis", Immunity, 2021.

Recombinant Human Novel Coronavirus Spike glycoprotein(S), partial (Active) referenced in "Insights into neutralizing antibody responses in individuals exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in Chile", Science Advances, 2021.

Recombinant Human Novel Coronavirus Spike glycoprotein(S) (D614G), partial (Active) referenced in "Screening of potent neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 using convalescent patients-derived phage-display libraries", Cell discovery, 2021.

Recombinant Human Aryl hydrocarbon receptor(AHR), partial referenced in "High throughput data-based, toxicity pathway-oriented development of a quantitative adverse outcome pathway network linking AHR activation to lung damages", Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021.

Recombinant Human Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2(ACE2), partial (Active) referenced in "Snake venom phospholipase A2s exhibit strong virucidal activity against SARS-CoV-2 and inhibit the viral spike glycoprotein interaction with ACE2", Cellular and molecular life sciences, 2021.

Recombinant Human Transmembrane protease serine 2(TMPRSS2), partial (Active) referenced in "Potent Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity by the Natural Product Gallinamide A and Analogues via Inhibition of Cathepsin L", Journal of medicinal chemistry, 2021.

Recombinant Mouse Alpha-(1,3)-fucosyltransferase 7(Fut7), partial referenced in "CD44 fucosylation on bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells enhances homing and promotes enteric nervous system remodeling in diabetic mice", Cell & Bioscience, 2021.


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