Product Name


Species Reactivity



G6PC2 Antibody

CSB-PA873624LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

IFT46 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA873621LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IFT46 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA873621LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

IFT46 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA873621LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IFT46 Antibody

CSB-PA873621LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

KDM4C Antibody

CSB-PA872489HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

SPATA16 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA871597LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SPATA16 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA871597LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

SPATA16 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA871597LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SPATA16 Antibody

CSB-PA871597LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

SCPEP1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA867189LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SCPEP1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA867189LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

SCPEP1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA867189LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SCPEP1 Antibody

CSB-PA867189LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

TNKS2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA867136LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TNKS2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA867136LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

TNKS2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA867136LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TNKS2 Antibody

CSB-PA867136LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

RSPH9 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA867129LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

RSPH9 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA867129LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

RSPH9 Antibody

CSB-PA867129LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

NMNAT2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA866332HD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

NMNAT2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA866332HC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

NMNAT2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA866332HB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

NMNAT2 Antibody

CSB-PA866332HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

ACE2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA866317LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

ACE2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA866317LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

ACE2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA866317LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

ACE2 Antibody

CSB-PA866317LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

DPH7 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA866281LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

DPH7 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA866281LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

DPH7 Antibody

CSB-PA866281LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

BRD7 Antibody

CSB-PA865097LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

TDRD3 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA863996LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TDRD3 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA863996LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

TDRD3 Antibody

CSB-PA863996LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

PIF1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA863987LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PIF1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA863987LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

PIF1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA863987LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

PIF1 Antibody

CSB-PA863987LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

MED20 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA862046LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MED20 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA862046LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

MED20 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA862046LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MED20 Antibody

CSB-PA862046LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

WAC Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA861133HD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

WAC Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA861133HB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

WAC Antibody

CSB-PA861133HA01HU Human ELISA, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

SMAD5 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA859108LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SMAD5 Antibody

CSB-PA859108LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

ARHGDIG Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA858727LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

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