Product Name


Species Reactivity



BPIFB3 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA003693LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

BPIFB3 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA003693LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

BPIFB3 Antibody

CSB-PA003693LA01HU Human, Mouse ELISA, WB 100μg/50μg

XAB2 Antibody

CSB-PA862073LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

NAIP Antibody

CSB-PA615662LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μg/50μg

HIST1H1E (Ab-45) Antibody

CSB-PA010380OA45nacHU Human ELISA, WB, IHC, IF 100μl/50μl

TSPO Antibody

CSB-PA536576LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

Zap70 Antibody

CSB-PA026303LA01MO Mouse, Human ELISA, WB, IF 100μg/50μg

rbtD Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA360400HD01EKN Enterobacter aerogenes ELISA 100μg/50μg

rbtD Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA360400HC01EKN Enterobacter aerogenes 100μg/50μg

rbtD Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA360400HB01EKN Enterobacter aerogenes ELISA 100μg/50μg

rbtD Antibody

CSB-PA360400HA01EKN Enterobacter aerogenes ELISA 100μg/50μg

PLAGL1 Antibody

CSB-PA892351LA01HU Human ELISA, WB 100μg/50μg

NPY2R Antibody

CSB-PA016036LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IF 100μg/50μg

ADAP1 Antibody

CSB-PA001322DSR2HU Human, Rat ELISA, WB, IHC 100μl/50μl

Acetyl-HIST1H2BC (K120) Antibody

CSB-PA010403OA120acHU Human ELISA, ICC, IF, ChIP 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K168) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA168hibHU Human ELISA, ICC, IF 100μl/50μl

Acetyl-HIST1H1C (K74) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA74acHU Human ELISA, IF, ChIP 100μl/50μl

Formyl-HIST1H1C (K45) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA45forHU Human ELISA, ICC, IF 100μl/50μl

Formyl-HIST1H1C (K74) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA74forHU Human ELISA, ChIP 100μl/50μl

Acetyl-HIST1H3A (T22) Antibody

CSB-PA010418OA22acHU Human ELISA, ChIP 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K210) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA210hibHU Human ELISA, ICC 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K135) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA135hibHU Human ELISA, IF 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K128) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA128hibHU Human ELISA, ICC 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K116) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA116hibHU Human ELISA, ICC, IF, ChIP 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K158) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA158hibHU Human ELISA, WB, ICC, ChIP 100μl/50μl

2-hydroxyisobutyryl-HIST1H1C (K80) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA80hibHU Human ELISA, ChIP 100μl/50μl

HIST1H1C (Ab-22) Antibody

CSB-PA010378OA22nhibHU Human ELISA, ChIP 100μl/50μl

CLCF1 Antibody

CSB-PA906951LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

IFT52 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA896883LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IFT52 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA896883LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

IFT52 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA896883LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

IFT52 Antibody

CSB-PA896883LA01HU Human ELISA, WB 100μg/50μg

FHOD1 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA896540LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

FHOD1 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA896540LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

FHOD1 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA896540LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

FHOD1 Antibody

CSB-PA896540LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

CEP164 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA892491LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

CEP164 Antibody

CSB-PA892491LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

HHLA2 Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA891555LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

HHLA2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA891555LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

HHLA2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA891555LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

HHLA2 Antibody

CSB-PA891555LA01HU Human ELISA, IF 100μg/50μg

SCML2 Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA891470LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

SCML2 Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA891470LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

SCML2 Antibody

CSB-PA891470LA01HU Human ELISA, IHC 100μg/50μg

MGAT4B Antibody, Biotin conjugated

CSB-PA890781LD01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MGAT4B Antibody, FITC conjugated

CSB-PA890781LC01HU Human 100μg/50μg

MGAT4B Antibody, HRP conjugated

CSB-PA890781LB01HU Human ELISA 100μg/50μg

MGAT4B Antibody

CSB-PA890781LA01HU Human ELISA, WB, IHC 100μg/50μg

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