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Polyclonal Antibody

Polyclonal Antibody

CUSABIO engaged in the professional customization services of polyclonal antibody, we have many experts who have studied in molecular biology, immunology fields for many years. We have first-class antibody preparation staff, developed antibody production equipment, advanced antibody preparation technologies. Rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and other host are immunized by recombinant protein and natural protein, combined with a variety of purification methods to obtain tens species of thousands of polyclonal antibodies. Our antibodies are all prepared with recombinant protein or native protein, compared with peptide antibody, the affinity and specificity is superior, there're more recognition of antigenic sites, and have much wide range of applications. Antibodies purified by affinity chromatography possess high purity. As to quality control, we prove their sensitivity and discriminating on natural proteins by rigorous ELISA test, verify its specificity by West blot test, our antibody has broader scope of application and it's a powerful tool for scientific research personnel to study their subjects.

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Product Name Code Size
Rabbit anti-human SLC25A15 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA897578ESR1HU 100ul(284ug)
Rabbit anti-human SLC25A15 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA897578ESR2HU 100ul(299ug)
Rabbit anti-human IRS1 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA011829DSR1HU 100ul(319ug)
Rabbit anti-human TOMM70A polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA024055ESR2HU 100ul(283ug)
Rabbit anti-human MSI2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA836197ESR2HU 100ul(363ug)
Rabbit anti-human VAMP2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA025781ESR2HU 100ul(273ug)
Rabbit anti-human LGI1 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA012898ESR2HU 100ul(144ug)
Rabbit anti-human ALG1 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA887118ESR1HU 100ul(464ug)
Rabbit anti-human ALG1 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA887118ESR2HU 100ul(205ug)
Rabbit anti-human ATF7 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA002279ESR2HU 100ul(211ug)
Rabbit anti-human AARS2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA711453ESR2HU 100ul(852ug)
Rabbit anti-human FUT6 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA009080ESR1HU 100ul(259ug)
Rabbit anti-human FUT6 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA009080ESR2HU 100ul(244ug)
Rabbit anti-human EXOG polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA007666ESR2HU 100ul(537ug)
Rabbit anti-human IL25 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA875653ESR1HU 100ul(544ug)
Rabbit anti-human VAMP3 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA619000ESR1HU 100ul(145ug)
Rabbit anti-human PDK2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA618976ESR2HU 100ul(277ug)
Rabbit anti-human TNNC2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA024010ESR2HU 100ul(240ug)
Rabbit anti-human TNNC2 polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA024010ESR1HU 100ul(230ug)
Rabbit anti-human TAF5L polyclonal Antibody CSB-PA023093ESR1HU 100ul(441ug)

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