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Monoclonal Antibody

Monoclonal Antibody

CUSABIO specializes in antibody production and customization service. Centering on antibody, we have established a series of technology platform and animal breeding base. The monoclonal antibodies are produced by professionals who work on antibody for many years. Our mature technical route and reliable quality will save your produce time and energy. We can provide customers with high-quality monoclonal antibody products by screening and verifying every production step strictly. Combined with our kit development platform and diagnosis reagent R & D team, we can guarantee the application of monoclonal antibody products in the field of detection. So far, we have produced a variety of monoclonal antibody materials in diagnosis reagent level, which are praised by customers deeply.

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Product Name Code Size
β-actin Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA011019 100μg/50μg
Histone H3 (tri methyl K79) Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA011010 100μg/50μg
CD1 Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA011008 100μg/50μg
HSC70 Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080291 100μg/50μg
HSP90 α Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080290 100μg/50μg
HSC70 Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080276 100μg/50μg
HSP90 α Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080274 100μg/50μg
P53(Mono Methyl Lys370) Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080273 100μg/50μg
TNF α Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080272 100μg/50μg
TNF α Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080271 100μg/50μg
Phosphotyrosine Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080265 100μg/50μg
c-Fos Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080264 100μg/50μg
HSP27 Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080263 100μg/50μg
β-tubulin(HRP Conjugated) Monoclonal antibody CSB-PA080255 100μg/50μg
Acetyl Lysine Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080244 100μg/50μg
Bovine Serum Albumin Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080239 100μg/50μg
Phosphoserine Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080235 100μg/50μg
Active Caspase-3 Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080226 100μg/50μg
MICU1 Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080225 100μg/50μg
Pan Methylated Lysine Monoclonal Antibody CSB-PA080224 100μg/50μg

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