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Monoclonal Antibody

Monoclonal Antibody

CUSABIO specializes in antibody production and customization service. Centering on antibody, we have established a series of technology platform and animal breeding base. The monoclonal antibodies are produced by professionals who work on antibody for many years. Our mature technical route and reliable quality will save your produce time and energy. We can provide customers with high-quality monoclonal antibody products by screening and verifying every production step strictly. Combined with our kit development platform and diagnosis reagent R & D team, we can guarantee the application of monoclonal antibody products in the field of detection. So far, we have produced a variety of monoclonal antibody materials in diagnosis reagent level, which are praised by customers deeply.

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Product Name Code Size
Mouse anti Human growth hormone (GH) monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0094071A0m 100ug
Mouse anti Human Protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase 2(TGM2) monoclonal CSB-MA0234621A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Human Interleukin-1 family member 10 monoclonal antibody CSB-MA8378691A0m 100ug
Mouse anti Human Bcl-2-like protein 1 monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0026131A0m 100ug
Rat anti-Mouse C-C motif chemokine 2 monoclonal Antibody CSB-MA0047831A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Human Annexin A2 monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0106441A0m 100ug
Mouse anti Rat Syndecan-1 monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0208881A0m 100ug
Mouse anti-human Gastricsin(PGC) monoclonal Antibody CSB-MA112991A0m 100ug
Mouse anti-Human Osteopontin monoclonal Antibody CSB-MA069021A0m 100ug
Mouse anti Human proCalcitonin(PCT) monoclonal antibody CSB-MA1213441A0m 100ug
Mouse anti Human Trefoil factor 3(TFF3) monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0234331A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Cholic acid monoclonal antibody CSB-MA005511I0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Cortisol monoclonal antibody CSB-MA003711I0m 100ug
Mouse anti Human Gamma-enolase(ENO2/NSE) monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0076721A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- human Myoglobin monoclonal antibody CSB-MA079101A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- human Cyfra21-1(KS19.1)monoclonal antibody CSB-MA0125342A0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Testosterone monoclonal antibody CSB-MA004411I0m 100ug
Mouse anti- Enrofloxacin monoclonal antibody CSB-MA000721I0m 100ug
Mouse anti- The metabolite of furazolidone monoclonal antibody CSB-MA002511I0m 100ug
Mouse anti-Human Galectin 3(GAL-3) monoclonal Antibody CSB-MA0128871A0m 100ug

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