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Product Features

  • High Purity: >97%
  • Low Endotoxin: Less than 1.0 EU/µg as determined by LAL method.
  • Active Verification: Biological activity up to > 1.0 × 109 IU/mg.
  • Uniform Delivery Form: Lyophilized Powder.
  • Tag Type: Tag free.

    The cytotoxicity assay of TNF

  • Carrier Free: dissolved in PBS before lyophilization, without BSA.
  • Animal free.
  • Delivery Time: In stock. Fast delivery within 5-10 business days.
  • Price & Size: Differnt sizes available and competitive prices.
  • Standard COA for each item.
  • Complete datasheet for each item.
Product Name Code Size

Recombinant Human High affinity copper uptake protein 1(SLC31A1) (Active)

CSB-CF021575HU 100μg/20μg

Recombinant Human eIF5-mimic protein 1(BZW2)(Active)

CSB-EP896544HU 1mg/100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Metalloendopeptidase OMA1, mitochondrial(OMA1) (Active)

CSB-CF856923HU 100μg/20μg

Recombinant Bacillus subtilis Uncharacterized protein YuaB(yuaB) (Active)

CSB-CF300296BRJ 100μg/20μg

Recombinant Human Glutathione S-transferase kappa 1(GSTK1),partial (Active)

CSB-EP009978HU 1mg/100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Endothelin-1(EDN1) (Active)

CSB-RP063044h 1mg/100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Endothelin B receptor(EDNRB) (Active)

CSB-CF007404HU 100μg/20μg

Recombinant Helicobacter pylori Putative peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase HP_0175(HP-0175) (Active)

CSB-EP345551HUV 1mg/100μg/20μg

Recombinant Human Muscle, skeletal receptor tyrosine-protein kinase(MUSK),partial (Active)

CSB-CF015241HU 100ug/20ug

Recombinant Rabbit Tissue factor pathway inhibitor(TFPI) (Active)

CSB-MP023437RB 100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Heat-stable enterotoxin receptor(GUCY2C),partial (Active)

CSB-MP010053HU 100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human B-cell receptor CD22(CD22),partial (Active)

CSB-MP004900HU 100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human C-C chemokine receptor type 4(CCR4) (Active)

CSB-CF004843HU 100μg/20μg

Recombinant Rhesus Macaque Fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand protein(FLT3LG) (Active)

CSB-AP003231MOW 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Beta-defensin 104 protein(DEFB104A) (Active)

CSB-AP003061HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Beta-defensin 103 protein(DEFB103A) (Active)

CSB-AP003051HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Beta-defensin 4A protein(DEFB4A) (Active)

CSB-AP003041HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Beta-defensin 1 protein(DEFB1)(Active)

CSB-AP003031HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Midkine protein(MDK) (Active)

CSB-AP002911HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor protein(MANF) (Active)

CSB-AP002891HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Aminoacyl tRNA synthase complex-interacting multifunctional protein 1 protein(AIMP1) (Active)

CSB-AP002281HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Plasminogen protein(PLG) (Active)

CSB-AP002261HU 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand protein(FLT3LG),partial(Active)

CSB-AP002201HU 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human herpesvirus 8 type P protein(VMI2) (Active)

CSB-AP001611HKE 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Rhesus Macaque Amyloid protein A protein(SAA1) (Active)

CSB-AP001051MOW 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Mouse Fatty acid-binding protein, liver protein(Fabp1) (Active)

CSB-AP000551MO 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Mouse Cardiotrophin-1 protein(Ctf1) (Active)

CSB-AP000531MO 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Mouse Sonic hedgehog protein(Shh),partial (Active)

CSB-AP000521MO 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Galectin-3 protein(LGALS3)

CSB-AP000481HU 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Galectin-1 protein(LGALS1)(Active)

CSB-AP000471HU 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Melanoma-derived growth regulatory protein(MIA)

CSB-AP000431HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Indian hedgehog protein(IHH),partial (Active)

CSB-AP000421HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Desert hedgehog protein(DHH),partial (Active)

CSB-AP000411HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Thymosin beta-4 (TMSB4X) (Active)

CSB-AP000381HU 500ug/100ug

Recombinant Human Sonic hedgehog protein(SHH),partial (Active)

CSB-AP000371HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Trefoil factor 2 protein(TFF2) (Active)

CSB-AP000351HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Trefoil factor 1 protein(TFF1) (Active)

CSB-AP000341HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human Syndecan-4(SDC4),partial (Active)

CSB-AP000331HU 500ug/100ug/5ug

Recombinant Human SPARC protein(SPARC) (Active)

CSB-AP000311HU 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Rat Cardiotrophin-1 protein(Ctf1) (Active)

CSB-AP000211RA 500ug/100ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Transmembrane protease serine 2(TMPRSS2),partial (Active)

CSB-YP023924HU 500ug/100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Transmembrane protease serine 2(TMPRSS2)(R255Q),partial (Active)

CSB-MP023924HU(M)b0 500ug/100ug/20ug

Recombinant Human Fms-related Tyrosine Kinase 3 Ligand(FLT3LG),partial (Active) (GMP)

CSB-AP005901HU 1mg/100μg/5μg

Recombinant Human Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9(PCSK9) (Active)

CSB-AP005741HU 1mg/500μg/50μg/10μg

Recombinant Human Carbonic anhydrase 4(CA4),partial (Active)

CSB-AP005631HU 1mg/500μg/50μg/10μg

Recombinant Human Arginase-1(ARG1) (Active)

CSB-AP005611HU 1mg/500ug/50ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Ephrin type-A receptor 2(EPHA2),partial (Active)

CSB-AP005591HU 1mg/500ug/50ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Ephrin type-A receptor 8(EPHA8),partial (Active)

CSB-AP005581HU 1mg/500μg/50μg/10μg

Recombinant Human Arginase-1(ARG1) (Active)

CSB-AP005561HU 1mg/500ug/50ug/10ug

Recombinant Human Integrin alpha-5(ITGA5),partial (Active)

CSB-AP005451HU 1mg/500μg/50μg/10μg

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