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CUSABIO is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality products for gene, protein, antibody, ELISA kit. Our products have been widely used by researchers in the worldwide. Now, we have listed a part of the publications citing our products, you can enter the catalog number to search the products what you want and see the corresponding reference.

Sustained delivery of endostatin improves the efficacy of therapy in Lewis lung cancer model



Journal of Controlled Release,2009

Our Product:

Human anti-Endostatin antibody,ES-Ab ELISA Kit,CSB-E11895h

The construction of three-dimensional micro-fluidic scaffolds of biodegradable polymers by solvent vapor based bonding of micro-molded layers.

Ryu W. et al



Our Product:

Human Cross Linked C-Telopeptide Of Type II Collagen ,CTX-Ⅱ ELISA Kit,CSB-E14328hHuman Interleukin 18,IL-18 ELISA KIT,CSB-E07450h

Plasma Level of High-Sensitive C-Reactive Protein in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Arterial Hypertension

Inoue al


Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol,2007

Our Product:

Human high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein,hs-CRP ELISA Kit,CSB-E08617h


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