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Product Details

Target Name
peptidase inhibitor 3, skin-derived
Alternative Names
Cementoin ELISA Kit; ELAF_HUMAN ELISA Kit; Elafin ELISA Kit; Elafin/Skalp ELISA Kit; Elastase Specific Inhibitor ELISA Kit; Elastase-specific inhibitor ELISA Kit; ES 1 ELISA Kit; ESI ELISA Kit; Peptidase inhibitor 3 ELISA Kit; Peptidase inhibitor 3; skin derived ELISA Kit; PI 3 ELISA Kit; PI-3 ELISA Kit; PI3 ELISA Kit; Pre elafin ELISA Kit; Protease inhibitor 3 skin derived ELISA Kit; Protease inhibitor 3; skin derived (SKALP) ELISA Kit; Protease inhibitor WAP3 ELISA Kit; SKALP ELISA Kit; Skin derived Anti leukoproteinase ELISA Kit; Skin-derived antileukoproteinase ELISA Kit; Trappin 2 ELISA Kit; WAP four disulfide core domain 14 ELISA Kit; WAP four disulfide core domain protein 14 ELISA Kit; WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 14 ELISA Kit; WAP3 ELISA Kit; WFDC14 ELISA Kit
Uniprot No.
Homo sapiens (Human)
Sample Types
serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
Detection Range
7.8 pg/mL-500 pg/mL
1.95 pg/mL
Assay Time
Sample Volume
Detection Wavelength
450 nm
Research Area
Signal Transduction
Assay Principle
Typical Data
and FAQs
Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time
3-5 working days after you place the order, and it takes another 3-5 days for delivery via DHL or FedEx

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Neutrophil and pancreatic elastase-specific inhibitor of skin. It may prevent elastase-mediated tissue proteolysis. Has been shown to inhibit the alpha-4-beta-2/CHRNA2-CHRNB2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and to produce a weak inhibition on Kv11.1/KCNH2/ERG1 and on the transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TRPV1).
Gene References into Functions
  1. Elafin decreased in active patients with inflammatory bowel disease and was negatively correlated with disease activity, suggesting that elafin may play a protective role PMID: 29084078
  2. Plasma Neutrophil Elastase and Elafin as Prognostic Biomarker for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome PMID: 28187039
  3. UV phototoxicity-induced pre-elafin inside keratinocytes prior to cornified envelope formation could be involved in UV-induced keratinocyte apoptosis via cystatin-A downregulation resulting in pro-caspase-3 activation. PMID: 28119996
  4. Recombinant human elafin promotes alveologenesis in newborn mice exposed to chronic hyperoxia PMID: 28802561
  5. significantly higher expression in preterm prelabor ruptured fetal membranes than in membranes from term birth PMID: 27580179
  6. Our study revealed that high elafin levels identified in smoking- and asthma-related microarray data sets and an epidemiologic study significantly reduced the risk of asthma. PMID: 26932165
  7. The expression of elafin in fallopian tubes of ectopic pregnancies is reduced. PMID: 25356943
  8. The elevations in cervical elafin and SLPI expression in the women with preterm delivery might reflect the local response to the pathogen invasion into the cervix preceding preterm labor. PMID: 25559229
  9. PI3 expression was downregulated in 24% of DCIS and 83% of invasive breast tumors. PI3 was also downregulated in 33% of ovarian cystadenomas, 43% of borderline ovarian tumors, and 86% of invasive ovarian carcinomas. PMID: 25551582
  10. The imbalance between neutrophil elastase and its inhibitors, such as elafin, presents an important therapeutic target in breast cancer. PMID: 25195861
  11. Higher urinary elafin levels are associated with an increased risk of micro- and macroalbuminuria, acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease, and death after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. PMID: 25388519
  12. cutaneous elafin does not seem to discriminate acute graft-versus-host disease from drug hypersensitivity rash lesions, but there may be an association between cutaneous elafin expression and poor prognosis for patients with cutaneous GVHD PMID: 25405322
  13. Data indicate that elafin overexpression is associated with poor overall survival. PMID: 24469047
  14. Low expression of elafin gene correlated with significantly reduced time to relapse, and when combined with high expression of elastase gene was associated with decreased survival in breast cancer patients PMID: 23320734
  15. Elafin has important roles in normal homoeostasis and at sites of inflammation. These roles include antiprotease and antimicrobial activity. PMID: 19906197
  16. Results confirm the association between SNP rs2664581 and enhanced risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome. PMID: 24617927
  17. Tubal epithelium from women with hydrosalpinx has lower levels of elafin expression. PMID: 23885101
  18. Elafin expression in the small intestinal epithelium was lower in patients with active celiac disease compared with control patients. In vitro, elafin significantly slowed the kinetics of the deamidation of the 33-mer peptide to its more immunogenic form. PMID: 24710505
  19. Production of HBD2 and elafin by vaginal epithelial cells is sensitive to E, suggesting that innate immune protection varies in the vagina across the menstrual cycle. PMID: 23398087
  20. Elafin expression may establish the diagnosis of pre-engraftment syndrome and graft versus host disease. PMID: 23866880
  21. Trappin-2 and elafin significantly reduce HSV-2 viral attachment to, and replication in genital epithelial cells. PMID: 23637403
  22. The N-terminus of elafin is critical for intranuclear localization and anti-HIV-1 activity. PMID: 23300756
  23. Studies indicate that Trappin-2/Elafin possessing anti-microbial properties against different classes of pathogens including viruses, fungi and bacteria. PMID: 22634606
  24. The results suggest that decreased expression of elastin and LOX and increased expression of elafin in the cardinal ligaments may contribute to pelvic organ prolapse. PMID: 19087518
  25. The endometrium of women with hydrosalpinx has an increased number of neutrophils and lower expression of elafin, an elastase inhibitor and natural antimicrobial molecule. PMID: 21392745
  26. these results collectively suggest that, in melanoma cells, Foxa2 expression is silenced and therefore elafin is maintained unexpressed to facilitate cell proliferation in the disease melanoma. PMID: 21466784
  27. ability to modulate the expression of some P.aeruginosa virulence factors PMID: 20932308
  28. These results suggest that elafin can maintain airway epithelium integrity by protecting airway epithelial cells and enhancing the anti-inflammatory capability of airway. PMID: 19823954
  29. increased production at the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle relative to the proliferative phase PMID: 19824918
  30. Elafin has a role in graft-versus-host disease of the skin PMID: 20371463
  31. Elafin may serve as a determinant of poor survival in serous ovarian carcinomas PMID: 20126474
  32. Overexpression of elafin in epithelial cells attenuated the damage of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm. PMID: 19420899
  33. Elafin is a component of cervicovaginal secretions in pregnancy, and levels are diminished in bacterial vaginosis. PMID: 19723838
  34. Synthesized locally at mucosal sites. Efficiently inhibit target enzymes released into interstitium. Might be important in controlling excessive neutrophil elastase release in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis. (review) PMID: 11667971
  35. regulation of the elafin gene is dependent on chromatin structure in keratinocytes PMID: 12542536
  36. results indicate that elafin may have a dual function, promoting up-regulation of local lung innate immunity while simultaneously down-regulating potentially unwanted systemic inflammatory responses in the circulation PMID: 12819058
  37. elafin regulates proteolytic enzymes during menstruation and contributes to the innate defense against uterine infection PMID: 12970320
  38. Serine elastase inhibition (elafin overexpression) appears to suppress inflammation, cardiac dilatation, and dysfunction after myocardial infarct. PMID: 14693682
  39. Gene augmentation of human elafin suggests a novel and extended anti-inflammatory role for this human neutrophil elastase inhibitor working as an effector of innate immunity to protect tissues against maladaptive inflammatory responses. PMID: 15034071
  40. The differential biological activity of elafin in different conditions suggests a role for this molecule in either LPS detoxification or activation of innate immune responses, depending on the external cellular environment. PMID: 15668324
  41. Oxidized elafin poorly inhibits the elastolytic activity of leukocyte elastase and proteinase 3. PMID: 16279952
  42. transglutaminase 2-mediated cross-linking of serine protease inhibitors elafin and trappin-2 to neutrophil serine proteinases preserves their inhibitory capacities PMID: 16300411
  43. The pleiotropic molecule elafin has significant potential in modulating antigen-presenting cell numbers and activity, and could be beneficial in mucosal protective strategies. PMID: 16424380
  44. The promoter sequences of PI3 have a high degree of variability. PMID: 16719916
  45. beneficial effects of pre-elafin could be mediated, at least in part, by its ability to increase G-CSF levels in the lung PMID: 16913840
  46. The transglutaminase substrate moiety of elafin plays an important role in anchoring elafin at its proper sites of action during UV-induced aging processes. PMID: 17139263
  47. Levels of mRNA and immunostaining of the antiproteases elafin and SLPI were enhanced strongly in inflamed versus noninflamed UC. Elafin and SLPI may be added to the list of defensin-like peptides with diminished induction in CD versus UC. PMID: 17200145
  48. full antipeptidase activity of pre-elafin is essential to protect against lung tissue lesions PMID: 17489739
  49. This review focuses on recent findings revealing that elafin has many biological functions as diverse as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory functions. PMID: 17964057
  50. We report here that pre-elafin inhibits a secreted peptidase to prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa growth in vitro. PMID: 18025118

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Subcellular Location
Database Links

HGNC: 8947

OMIM: 182257

KEGG: hsa:5266

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000243924

UniGene: Hs.112341

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