Product Name Code Size
Phospho-MYC (S62) Antibody CSB-RA015270A62phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-RPS6KB1 (T421+S424) Antibody CSB-RA020470A421phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-NBN (S343) Antibody CSB-RA015486A343phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-TP53 (S392) Antibody CSB-RA024077A392phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MYC (T58+S62) Antibody CSB-RA015270A58-62phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-GATA3 (S308) Antibody CSB-RA009276A308phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-GYS1 (S641) Antibody CSB-RA010078A641phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-TP53 (T55) Antibody CSB-RA024077A55phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-EIF4E (S209) Antibody CSB-RA007556A209phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-MYB (S11) Antibody CSB-RA015261A11phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-RB1 (S807) Antibody CSB-RA019386A807phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-RPS6KA1 (T359+S363) Antibody CSB-RA618984A359phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-TUBA1B (Y272) Antibody CSB-RA025307A272phHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-VIM (S72) Antibody CSB-RA025857A72phHU 100μl/50μl
ACTA1 Antibody CSB-RA001205A0HU 100μl/50μl
BCL2 Antibody CSB-RA002611A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD163 Antibody CSB-RA801238A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD74 Antibody CSB-RA004956A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD99 Antibody CSB-RA004973A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H3.1 Antibody CSB-RA010418A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H4 Antibody CSB-RA010429A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H1.0 Antibody CSB-RA010087A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H2B type 1-K Antibody CSB-RA010411A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD81 Antibody CSB-RA004960A0HU 100μl/50μl
Di-methyl-Histone H3.1(K9)Antibody CSB-RA010418A09me2HU 100μl/50μl
Acetyl-Histone H2B type 1-B(K20)Antibody CSB-RA010402A20acHU 100μl/50μl
CD21 Antibody CSB-RA005934A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD86 Antibody CSB-RA004965A0HU 100μl/50μl
Acetyl-Histone H3.1(K56)Antibody CSB-RA010418A56acHU 100μl/50μl
CD44 Antibody CSB-RA004938A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD20 Antibody CSB-RA015007A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD4 Antibody CSB-RA004935A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD31 Antibody CSB-RA017767A0HU 100μl/50μl
CD34 Antibody CSB-RA004926A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H3.3 Antibody CSB-RA010109A0HU 100μl/50μl
Histone H2A type 1-B/E Antibody CSB-RA010385A0HU 100μl/50μl
Acetyl-Histone H3.1(K4)Antibody CSB-RA010418A04acHU 100μl/50μl
Tri-methyl-Histone H4 (K20) Antibody CSB-RA010429A20me3HU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H2B type 2-E(R79)Antibody CSB-RA620981A79me1HU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H3.1(K18)Antibody CSB-RA010418A18me1HU 100μl/50μl
Mono/Di/Tri-methyl-Histone H3.1(K79)Antibody CSB-RA010418A79meHU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H3.1(R2)Antibody CSB-RA010418A02me1HU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H3.1(K36)Antibody CSB-RA010418A36me1HU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H4 (K16) Antibody CSB-RA010429A16me1HU 100μl/50μl
Hydroxyl-Histone H2A type 1-B/E (Y39) Antibody CSB-RA010385A39ohHU 100μl/50μl
Mono-methyl-Histone H3.1(R128)Antibody CSB-RA010418A128me1HU 100μl/50μl
Acetyl-Histone H2A type 1-B/E (K9) Antibody CSB-RA010385A09acHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-Histone H1.4 (T17) Antibody CSB-RA010380A17phHU 100μl/50μl
Mono/Di/Tri-methyl-Histone H3.1(K14)Antibody CSB-RA010418A14meHU 100μl/50μl
Phospho-Histone H2AX (S139) Antibody CSB-RA010097A139phHU 100μl/50μl


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